Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

And The Moral Of The Story Is ….

Finally, the Canadian, “two four” weekend. The official kick off to summer and this one came in as perfect as it could be. My plan, a day trip to Warkworth … soak in some culture at the "Art in the park" festival and have lunch with Ron, the Art Blogger.

That was the idea but first …the pre-ride check. Thought I’d head down to give her a once over the night before. Dust her off, check the tire pressure, you know, all the usual since this has been the first chance for a ride since getting her home.

GREAT! Not one, but two oil leaks! Call in the neighbourhood expert. One leak, already (hopefully) fixed. Tighten the oil drain plug. Second leak, best guess, a damaged O ring on the oil filter. Could have been an easy fix if all the bike shops weren’t closed for the long weekend.

So, not going … anywhere! Guess I’ll just have sit and drink in the aroma of spring from the front porch. Oh, the lilacs.

Or, since I’m not riding I could try to get the road grunge off the riding gear.

And the Moral of this story is better do your pre-ride check when the repair shops are open or you might end up going nowhere but then again you might get clean(ish) riding gear.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It Snowed Today ...

April 26 and this morning brought a cold winter wind that made the tender grass shiver. 
It snowed today but I still have stars in my eyes. Actually, I’ve got one star in my eye – the VStar. As my mother would have said, quoting her elders, “If all goes well and the crick don’t rise,” the VStar will come home on Friday.
(Thank God and Ken and Barb for heated clothing!)