Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, October 27, 2014

And The Sun Went Down ...

The sun has set on another season of riding for me. It seemed like such a short season and it was shorter than the last few for sure. Today it ended with a last ride to the local gas bar to fill up the tank ...
Then to the carwash to wipe away the season's grime.
And finally ... I motored into the parking lot to meet the rest of toys waiting to be put to bed.
I don't have the luxury of a secure garage or the mechanical knowledge (or ambition) to winterize a motorcycle and maintain it properly in hibernation, so I leave it to the experts ... "I've got a 'guy' for that." Actually, it's a small crew of 'guys' at K-Tec Moto Services, Kingston.  Ross and his crew have been looking after my bike(s) for several years now. It's a place where everybody knows your name, and I like that. (That's Ross coming out to greet us.)
As the sun went down to end another riding season I reflected on this moto-year. It was, as always a great ride ... reconnecting with friends, enduring storms and exploring new places. I have lost some friends and have been fortunate to gain some friends.
Here's hoping when the snow melts there will be a new journey awaiting. Sweet dreams ... Star.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sometimes 4 Wheels And A Roof Are A Good Thing ...

I rolled into Merrickville this morning at 11 am. For a fleeting moment, I had thought about riding the Star but didn’t: the sky was murky and the mercury lower than predicted. I was happy with my decision after an hour and a half drive through rain, heavy rain, sun and rain again. Four wheels and a roof were a good thing today. There was one brave rider, his or her cruiser parked along the main drag, but it wasn't me.
In the summertime the streets of this little destination mecca are filled with groups of motorcycles. It’s an historic little town known as the ‘Jewel of the Rideau’ that has won recognition as the ‘prettiest town in Canada.’ Today it was dressed for Autumn and devoid of tourists.
I met my friend Leslie and we walked the streets. We visited the shops that were still open, ate lunch at the Yellow Canoe CafĂ© and hiked through the historic ‘Ruins of Merrickville,’ along the river.
Leslie tells me the town fills up again near Christmas. Maybe I should come back in the winter.