Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

With my head near the clouds, it felt like flying...

Probably my last day or should I say night on the road so I decided to hotel again and upgraded from Motel 6, splurging on myself with a room at the Day's Inn, Geneva, New York. For $83 (almost double my Motel 6 experience) I get: no orange paint, pictures on the wall, a breakfast in the morning, a big 'boss' chair at a big desk, shampoo and hand lotion, a mini fridge (empty,) a pad of paper and a pen, a lounge chair, massive footstool and a widescreen TV, but more importantly I get preferential motorcycle parking.

While I was out exploring a Harley snuck in beside my Star.
This morning found me and the Star winding through the countryside on local roads, but road after road was closed for construction and the detours became more and more sketchy so I pointed the Star back to interstate 81 for a short time. Determined to take a different route home I turned north to follow the Susquehanna River along highway 15N.

A federal highway, for much of the way, 15 is a four lane that hugs the mountains. Looking down at the tree tops it crosses from mountain to mountain on bridges that are nothing less than engineering marvels. The traffic was light, the weather perfect, winding up and down, travelling at highway speeds with my head near the clouds it felt like flying today. Welcome to the Empire State. At Corning I switched to state highway 414 then to 14 at the tip of Seneca Lake and coasted into Geneva in time to go exploring.
They must have planted a mixed bag of seeds!

The folks in this town are nothing, if not creative. A vegetable canoe garden ... or is it a canoe vegetable garden?

I've passed through the 'Finger Lakes' area before but never stopped. It's a spot to mark down to re-visit or make a destination one day.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today, I Won!

Black clouds with slivers of blue sky peeking through - the order of the day.
If you know me you might also know that when the weather forecast is against me I play a game of Motel 6 Hop (Motel 6 because I have a book with all their locations across the continent, and because they're cheap!) If you're new here, Motel 6 Hop is a great motorcycle game to play if you want to reduce your odds of getting wet. It's simple to play; just plug all of the possible Motel 6 locations into your GPS along the route you want to take. If you get to the first one and it isn't raining head for the next one. If you get to where you wanted to go by quitting time (the last Motel 6 location) and you didn't get wet, then you win. Today, I won! Now it was iffy near the first location only 100 km out of Virginia Beach, but I  passed through a quick shower and was on my way. (Quick showers don't count.)
Monocacy River Valley Scenic Outlook near Frederick MD - PA in the distance
Every once in a while I would see a sliver of blue sky that encouraged me to go for it. Now you generally increase your odds of winning if you don't dilly dally - today it was straight up the pike so to speak. Of course what this all means ... I'm at a Motel 6 (still cheaper than camping Virginia Beach) and I got a whole lot further north (535.2k) than I really expected to today. Yikes, if the weather holds (only 40% chance of thunder storms tomorrow) I'm going to have to get off the highway and meander a bit.

Tonight I'm watching the Weather Network as I like to do whenever I can and what are they talking about ... the worst tornado ever to hit the Washington DC area. They just mentioned that there are 450,000 commuters everyday ... dam, I knew it was busy when I passed through there.