Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Am I The Only Lazy Rider?

The last day of summer. How did that happen? To be honest I haven't ridden the Star in weeks, my excuses: it's too hot, it's really too hot, it's really too 'f-----g' hot and now my holiday is over.
I don't ride to work but this morning I pulled on the socks and pants and boots, zipped the liner in the jacket, put the ear plugs in, found the gloves, stashed my stuff in the bags and it dawned on me...I don't ride to work because I'm just too lazy. After a half hour of preparation I was ready for my 20 minute commute (it wreaked of inefficiency.) But it was the last day of summer and I needed to pay homage.
This morning the chill of fall was in the air; memories of Minnesota seemed to be fading into the mist rising from the lake. Another summer gone. It wasn't the last ride, but it was the last ride of summer.
Don't get me wrong. I love every curve of 'my' road but short rides are just too much work. I love heading out for days where gearing up means a full day on the road where I never see the same curve twice (unless I get lost) and every corner has something new on the other side to see. Am I the only 'lazy' rider?

As a side note, it looks like Google is discontinuing the slide show gadget so who knows what will happen to my side bar photo galleries. Time will tell ... perhaps time is telling us it's time for change.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

If It Isn't The Cold, It's The Heat ...

August 2016 - the average temperature without a humidex reading has been 29.2⁰ and with no rain since June a severe drought has been declared. So many wells have run dry and so many crops have withered in the fields. At my house we’ve sacrificed the garden and flowers for household water, we’ve been lucky.
Finally Mother Nature let us know she hasn’t forgotten us. This morning I woke to rain and for the third time in a week I sat happily on the porch with my coffee, listening to the rain on the steel roof watching the grass get green again. Rain, real rain and cool temperatures. Suddenly it dawned on me I’ve acclimatized to the heat. It was 22⁰ and there I sat wearing a hoodie and a down vest: if it wasn’t pouring rain, it would be a perfect day (temperature) to dawn the riding gear and go for a ride.
Well, this is Canada and it seems if it isn’t the cold that has us complaining, it’s the heat and that’s my story. And other than house cleaning, what do you do when it's raining, catch up on your favorite bloggers. (Oh, the orange buckets; they're part of my rain bank. I'm saving, just in case.)