Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Just Too Nice ...

I may have packed it in too early this year (as far as riding goes) but I have no regrets. These 'just too nice' bonus days have given me time to explore places that are 'just too beautiful' not to share. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on many of the trails and I surely would have missed them if...

Or maybe I'm just making excuses!
(Photos along the K&P trail - for the most part)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Goodbye To 1979 And Over A Million Kilometers Of Memories

At 1540 I spotted the whirling blue lights behind me. The previous five minutes of my driving life flashed before my eyes … I’m sure that light was green– dam.
“Can I see your license and proof of insurance?”
“Sure, okay, just a minute, wait a minute, okay, whoops here it is, dam, is that the right one, whoops, sorry … Is there a reason?”
“Yes, there is. Have you looked at your car lately, of course you have!” (At least he had a sense of humor.)
“Come on back here and take a look” he said as he invited me to join him in the rain to stare at the back of my car. “Hu?”
“Your plate, there’s no blue left on it!”
“I know, I’ve had it since 1979” what more could I say. “I’ve grown attached to it. And the dirt on it, it's like a little outline don't you think?" (He didn't think so.)
Good thing he wasn't looking at the front plate ...Wait a minute, I see blue, and much better dirt.
And so it was, at 1540, standing in the pouring rain, the very nice and very, very tall Kingston City Police Officer braving the remnants of Patricia let me know he couldn’t read my license plate from the required distance and requested that I say goodbye to my 1979 plate and over a million kilometers of memories. "Get new plates" he said politely, "within 3 days or I'll have to find you and give you a ticket." I’m not that hard to find so I headed over to the MTO. (I'm sure if it hadn't been raining so hard he would have been able to see the numbers with no difficulty.)
Of course I hadn’t really thought the MTO plan through either… the folks there, bless their souls, had only a flat head screw driver on hand. Right, I need a socket wrench for the back plate and a Robertson for the front – what kind of idiot put these plates on anyway! 

Tomorrow Officer, I promise (and I've found the tools) but do you think I can convince them to let me keep the memories, you know ... to frame and hang in the living room?

Since 1979 these plates have graced a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolete Cavalier, a GMC Jimmy, a Buick Skylark, an Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra, a Hyundai Santa Fe another Hyundai Santa Fe and a Hyundai Tuscon and seen over a million kilometers of road. I'm going to miss them.