Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Scenes From The City

 Orillia, a city on the shore of Lake Simcoe.
Scenes from the city...
street art ...
 Lunch ... 'kitchen sink turkey burger with portabello mushroom'
 at Brewery Bay.
 A walk along the waterfront.
 The boardwalk.
 The sky was angry, but it didn't rain.
 And back by 8 to Carriage Ridge for my special pizza on the que.
Time to head back to reality.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Day After the Day After ... Or, My Last Day as a Princess

It is day four of my mini vacation and my last day as a princess. My muscles are recovering nicely from my off road adventure with the help of a tanker truck load of analgesic rub. I don't usually get the opportunity to stay in such luxury digs as I have this time (yeah for, and thanks to, friends with benefits.)
Yesterday the area suffered from what Environment Canada called torrential downpours (with a short-lived tornado warning.) It was an inside day including a movie in near by Barrie and a bit of a walkabout in the Georgian Mall. The Star stayed parked. She looked lonely in the mist. I was, however, very glad to be inside the 'Caravan.' (Sorry Star!)

This morning found the resort shrouded in fog. I decided to take a look around and experiment a little with the panoramic setting on the camera before the rain began to fall again.
I caught a glimpse of Clinton and Co. riding in for another day at SMART (they operate Tuesdays and Thursdays only during the week.)
The training track looked eerie under the blanket of fog.
The trainers headed out on ATVs to check the trail conditions after yesterday's rain. I can't imagine what so much more rain will have done to the already flooded valleys on the mountain trails.
A view from the back side of the ski hill, on the gentle side of the road!
The mountain bike paths further along the ski hills looked like killers, this was one of the easy sections.
P.S. The day I took the off road training there were three actors from the TV show, Sons Of Anarchy, learning to ride motorcycles for an upcoming scene they're to be in. Just remember, they learned it here.