Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Hogs Descend On Kingston"

This weekend, according to the Kingston Whig Standard, about 1200 Harley Davidson riders descended on Kingston to attend the 2014 rally. Based on the online comments, the citizens of my town had mixed feelings about the event; lane splitting and loud pipes were two complaints. My personal objection was to the featured photo of a rider and his pillion with more bare skin than I show in the shower, I just don't get it.
My son actually phoned me though to tell me I'd missed seeing members of 'Kingston's finest' motor unit demonstrating their slow maneuvering skills on their huge Harleys and according to him, they were more than impressive. I'm sure they were more than impressive.
I may have missed the festivities as I headed out on a lovely little day ride to Lake on the Mountain with friends but didn't miss a few hundred Harley Davidsons on the road, some on seemingly organized group rides plus many more like these happy riders behind me on the Glenora Ferry.
Much to my surprise (or not) a young woman working on the ferry approached me. At first I thought she said, "You're the shortest person I've seen on a bike today" (okay, so I was wearing ear plugs) but when she continued I realized that she had said, "You're the smartest person I've seen on a bike in two days." She had a nasty scabbed up knee and a story about Bambie and her Motorbike that just confirmed my (and her) opinion of all the gear, all the time. She summed it up nicely when she said, "I wear it for the slide, not for the ride." I think I might have more respect for the Harley Davidson Culture if they supported safe riding along with the notion of the joy of motorcycling.
And did the loud pipes (on several models,) as they felt the need to crank the throttle in front of The Inn patio where 30 people where enjoying lunch, nearly send me into cardiac arrest ... you bet they did. Was anyone impressed by what the Whig reporter called the "bikes' signature throaty growl?" I didn't hear a single person (once the noise stopped) cheering for them to come back and do it again. Smart, aware riders will save more lives than loud pipes ... but that's just my opinion! Enjoy the ride.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

5,664.5 ... Top Ten And Another Day At The Beach

5,664.5 kilometers on two wheels, 60+ kilometers on two legs and I'm back home again. It was a good trip with some short rides, some longer rides and some days with no rides. The Star is polished up and ready to go again.

And The Top 10 Reasons to get back early...
10.  It's not raining at home (and I get preferential parking every day.)
9.  I ran out of face cream.
8. My electric toothbrush needed a recharge.
7.  I ran out of laundry soap (and clean socks.)
6.  There are no 'stink bugs' in Battersea.
5.  Ontario cicada bugs do not sound like sheep during the night (and at least I know the person who is snoring in the room next to me.)
4.  There is still time to explore some beautiful sights along the roads near and around home.
3.  It gives the cat more time to get over being mad at me (I think I've been forgiven for being away.)
and the #2. and #1. Reasons -  Granddaughters #1
 and #2 and another day at the beach.
And then on the walk (another 6 km) home I spotted a rogue sunflower growing in the ditch ... how lucky.