Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

… Riding through the tunnel into the paddock I definitely had that first time feeling. (part 2)

Riding into the paddock Saturday was like riding into a bee hive buzzing with sound, movement, people and motorcycles.  It took me a bit of slow motoring before I decided where to park – I had been told you just park anywhere. That seemed true if you could find a spot.
This was the Vintage Road Racing Association Festival weekend at Canadian Tire Motosport Park. It was a three day event with an endurance race Friday, 5 lap heat races Saturday and 8 lap final races on Sunday. It was my first time at a Vintage (or any kind) of race.
The race bikes - all 40s to 80s (many classes): the riders and crews just as widely varied.
I felt an overwhelming sense of casual community; spectators and participants alike all with one thing in common. I left with an understanding of how it is friendships made through this community might last over the decades. Oh, and I watched a couple of the heat races too!
A few highlights from Saturday morning.
Riders gather for the start of the first 5 lap heat on Saturday



I measured this one on the sound meter - 90 db idling!

PS: Special thank you to Don for letting me know about the event (I don't think I caught you on film though.) Thanks to Ken and Phil for the crash course in the event, the facilities and the best corners and to Ron for the personal, guided tour Friday afternoon (and all of the fine details you tried to cram into my head about vintage road racing ... that have all sadly, already, mostly leaked back out.)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

There’s Nothing Like The First Time …

64Duck aka Don suggested in a comment on a previous post, “… if you attend CTMP formerly Mosport this coming weekend; many motorcycle pictures, 1 car, no boats.”
WELL!!! Never been so why not. I called for advice from two Vintage Road Racing veterans and lined up an expert (former racer and track record holder) guide to meet me when I got there.
The first kiss, the first ride, the first time you see an outlet mall (okay, maybe that one was just me) but there’s nothing like a first time experience to make you feel like a kid again. Riding through the tunnel into the paddock ... definitely a first time feeling.
As promised: no boats, one car and lots and lots and lots of motorcycles.
More to come…..