Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, July 16, 2018

For Old Times Sake

Today I didn’t have plans for travelling far and I wanted the final hours on the Island to last. When you start heading home it feels like the vacation is over so I was in no rush. I checked the tire pressure, re-organized some packing and walked to Tims for a last Island coffee. Finally loaded, I  was on my way. I stopped for one last photo, then said, “Good-bye” to Prince Edward Island one more time.
The temperature was moving to near brutal on the thermometer and I was glad for a short day. For old times sake I found a Motel 6  (time for a ‘space’ break; to be able to stand up when I wake up). Although I appreciated the 400 steps to the bathroom, I will appreciate both the head space and the nearness of the plumbing even more tonight.
What I wasn’t expecting was the rough gravel parking lot. The large grader in front of the motel should have been my first clue. The place is under renovations, and I have brand new, recently revamped room that looks just like every other Motel 6 room only fresher. They just haven’t finished the paving yet.
Moncton wasn’t really my first choice of places to stop but fits best with what I hope to do on the way home. And I remembered the riverwalk trail. Hot day for walking, but the heat amplified a beautiful fragrance which I finally decided might be the field of milkweed in bloom. I spent some time looking for Monarch evidence but didn’t see any. That doesn’t mean they weren’t hiding there, I hope they are.
Along the way I noticed a brightly coloured building. I remembered it from last year, and in need of a shade break went inside the “Starving Artist Café and Gift Shop”. Glad I did. It was filled with the works of local artists, photographers and artisans. If only I had a side car! I bought my famous ‘trip ring’ and some trinkets for the little girls at home. Have I ever mentioned my ‘trip rings’ before? If I haven’t, I meant to and that’s a whole other post.
With a motel room, also comes TV and the weather channel. Yikes, looks like rain might be heading into my path. But I’ve seen that before. It must be ‘fake news’.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dedicated To Foodies

This is my final day on the Island, and I decided I would dedicate this post to foodies, especially my friend Barbara who has been obsessed with finding out what I have been eating. To tell the truth, the usual camping fare is mundane and rarely worth talking about, so tonight I decided to go gourmet with a wood fired pizza from Piatto.
But because it is my last night on the Island the thought of sitting in a restaurant seemed like a waste of beautiful scenery so I asked for it “to go”. And for foodies everywhere I carried it 3km to the lookout on the cliff. The last tourists were scurrying off to find dinner for themselves and I had the cliff, and the ocean view to myself. I ate my dinner to the sounds of the cliff swallows and the waves gently lapping the shore, a cool breeze easing the heat from the day.
With one last look at the beach, I headed back to camp to pack as much as possible in readiness for my departure tomorrow. It has been a short, but wonderful stay on the Island.
To date: 1,385 km by motorcycle and just over 217,000 steps by foot (if my math is correct, based on today’s 31.7 km, that’s about 165.8 km). Today’s hike was the ‘Haunted Woods’ and ‘Lover’s Lane’ as described in the works of Lucy Maude Montgomery.