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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Evangeline Region to North by Northwest

The North Shore was my goal starting from the not so north of Seacow Head Lighthouse (that's the one in the picture). I was following the road signs marking the scenic routes today(not Garmin Dan)and it's obvious that I missed a turn and I missed the North by Northwest scenic route (not to mention the Giant's Armchair Rock and also Stompin Tom's birthplace). Still, it was an 8 hour ride with some lovely sights - many of them twice since I ended up going north on 2 and then back south on 2. My turnaround point was Tignish, where I had lunch at 3 (too much b and not enough t in the blt, unlike at the subway shop in Kingston where they asked me if I wanted bacon on my BLT - what do you think?). A lot longer trip than I had expected. There's a picture of a field of potatoes in blossom, just for my Mother - who by the way must have payed at least 53 people to visit my blog since yesterday's count was 56 and I can't believe that any more than 3 people I know are actually following me. Tomorrow, Annes Land, provided the weather holds and I don't get arrested for trying to do in a squirrel with my pink Leatherman here on the campground (for my Mom and anyone else, a Leatherman is like a pocket knife, but a whole lot more - it's also scissors, plyers, assorted screw drivers. It has a knife and saw blade, a surprisingly efficient can opener and corkscrew, nail file plus a little tool that I have no idea what really is for, but it's what I've been trying to clean my fingernails with.)


  1. Hi Karen
    I have been catching up on your blogs and I have to say that I am impressed by all that you have done.
    Sorry to hear about all the rain...hoping you are now dried out.

    Alexa loved the pictures of the squirrel trying to get into your bag. She laughed when she saw it...good thing she thought it was cute as I know you did not!!!

    I showed your blog to my dad and he is very impressed with your bike. I was showing him your pictures and your route. The kids and I are visiting my mom and dad for the week. We have been riding my old mini bikes and all the kids have loved it. Mitchell is trying to convince my Dad to take him on his motorcycle now. They are too funny.

    Have fun and stay dry....

  2. Hey Karen,
    I haven't checked in for a few days - glad to hear you are back on Canadian soil. Love the pics you have posted - I see another digital scrapbook looming ahead. I also have trouble keeping my fingernails clean - too much gardening. The only thing that really works is washing dishes. Next restaurant you visit you might try offering to work off your meal!!!

  3. Hey Karen,
    I'm glad to hear you are back on Canadian soil. Love the pics - I can see another digital scrapbook in the making. I also have trouble keeping my fingernails clean - too much gardening. The only thing that works well is washing dishes. Maybe at the next restaurant stop you could offer to work off your meal!!! (hope this doesn't appear twice-I don't know what happened to the first one I thought I posted,oops)

  4. Better stick with Garmen Dan.....I know your sense of direction sucks...glad the weather is better...just an FYI...our internet has been down, so no SKYPE...