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Friday, July 16, 2010

The North Cape

Finally made it all the way to the North Cape. Absolutely well worth the second try - go all the way or stay home (or go back and try again). Standing on a tip of land you see water to your left, water to your right and windmills behind, with a real working lighthouse right there. Looking at the windmills close up - I had no idea how large those blades really til now. The North Cape (Black Marsh) is a wind generating station as well as research station, with walking trails (take hikers) around the coast and a museum.
On the way up I was following a 55 Mercury with a bumper sticker that read Coast to Coast - 2010 - Curly and Marj. Curly and Marj and that Mercury became almost as important to me as seeing the North Cape. I couldln't imagine going coast to coast in a car of that vintage, actually, I could, but I couldn't imagine the car making it. I was hoping they were going my way. I had the chance to take a photo of their rear bumper at (you guessed it) a construction stop. Sadly at Tignish (haven't I been there before) I needed gas and they made a U turn and headed in a different direction. Low and behold when I came out of the museum there was that turqoise Mercury in the parking lot. I tracked down Curly and Marj and not only has that Mercury made it cross continent, this is its second time. Marj told me it has automatic door openers, she automatically opens her own door. (Check out today's photos).
I met a couple from Ohio at the North Cape. Apparently I drove right by their house on my little sojourn on the Lincoln Highway.
From the North Cape I headed off to see elephant rock, but sadly was not bold enough to try the road which had a large sign - privately maintained, washed out areas, use at your own risk at the entrance. I continued on the North Coast and did make it to see the birthplace of Stompin Tom - it was rather understated for such a Canadian Icon.
The campsite is filling up for the weekend - I'm sandwiched between tent trailors and RV s with threat of rain in the morning, but the promise of a pancake breakfast in the recretion hall before I leave so all is still right with the world. I am hoping the threat of high winds and rains is a figment of somebody's imagination.
Still swimming - smell of the day, campfires burning.

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