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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

International Women Riders Congress and Festival

I spent the day at Deerhurst Resort, the beautiful venue for the International Women Riders Congress and Festival - Cheers to the organizers. It was a well thought out event with advanced rider skills training, demo rides, seminars and workshops by a number of talented and enthusiastic presenters plus a market place of vendors. Unfortunately it was poorly attended, barely 100 (men and women) participants there today - but all on bikes and enthusiastic about riding. I have to say the limited attendance was great for me as it meant I had my own personal Honda sponsored, advanced skills trainer for two of the three hours I participated in the training- learning slow speed riding and emergency breaking. BMW also offered rider skills training. Plus I made it to the defensive riding seminar for great tips on staying safe on the road plus demons on how to pick up your bike should it fall. I met a number of folks and can say I've never attended a conference where organizers were so personable and welcoming. After the event I toured some of the scenic cottage roads and headed back to camp.
The weather fairies - true to their word, kept the rain away once again. I fear, as I feel a few raindrops falling on me now that I won't be so lucky for tomorrow. Perhaps I should just snuggle down inside my little tent and take a "napping" day.

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