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Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the road again...

My "prissy" little VStar is packed and ready to go for one last, long distance summer ride (man, packing this time was so much easier). I'm heading off to check out the first "International Women Riders Congress and Festival." It's a much shorter ride this time, just under(or over, if I can stretch it) 1,000 kilometers. It looks like the weather fairies are on my side once again - they've changed their minds - who once were calling for rain are now saying hot and sunny tomorrow. As my favorite blue jeans finish drying I'm hoping that the weather fairies at the "festival" end are changing their forecast from 15 cm of rain on Saturday to hot and sunny as too.
The festival sounds like a great time and learning experience as well - with skills training, defensive riding training - to packing for the long haul. Lots of exciting things for all. I can't wait. Hopefully my campsite is WIFI equipped and I can tell you all about it!
(PS I'm not taking the cooler bag this time, the smell of melted cheese still lingering in it's fabric would be just too tempting for those Ontario Bears. I guess it's canned beans again - I love beans!)

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