Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Heading To The Farm!

The calendar says it isn't autumn yet, but the maple trees are telling their own story with their merging colors of yellow and red and orange. Fall - in the country - in Ontario, it's spectacular! The mountains are lovely, the ocean is stunning, but there's no place as beautiful as autumn in my home town. There is no road more glorious than 'my' own road, arched by maples dressed in the fabulous colors of the season. There is no lake more glorious to gaze across than the lake on my own road, shimmering with the reflections of fall in Ontario. There is nothing better than the musky smell of fall in the country. And this weekend it's Open Farms. I'm excited about the first "Open Farms" tour in Frontenac Country and I can't wait to make the tour on my VStar, even if it's for just one day. I've checked the weather and the forecast is "partly cloudy" so that means it's going to be sunny for part of the time - perfect temperatures, no rain in the forecast and places to go - from Wellington ON to Battersea ON, from Tamworth ON to Kingston ON - Could life get any more promising? What a fantastic idea, Open Farms! Open Farms, it's a "New event to showcase agriculture in our area" and it sounds to me like a sensational way to celebrate fall, our local farms and where our food comes from, plus, it's a great excuse for a ride in the country. To top it off - you can get lunch along the way. I'm heading to my favorite Creekside Bar and Grill in Battersea for the 10km lunch featuring local beef sausage. Hope to see you there.
Pepper, I'll try to remember to stop and take some pictures. I never thought I'd say, "I didn't stop for a photo," but sometimes I just get caught up in the fun of riding.


  1. Ahh I love motorcycle rides in the country!
    It's a shame I don't live in that kind of area actually

  2. Pepper, riding anywhere is great fun but you are absolutely right, I am incredibly lucky to be able to ride in Ontario's autumn splendor any day of the week. Okay, that is until it snows then I think it might be just as much fun to live somewhere else. Every home town has it's moments.