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Friday, November 19, 2010

Why Don't You Say Something and Other Thoughts From the Big Smoke?

Today was a record day. I checked my blog stats and saw a real, genuine spike - so I know you're out there, why don't you say something? Leave me a comment or complaint or something.
I'm in the "Big Smoke." That's Toronto in case you were wondering. Toronto, to quote my friend Tina, is just like New York, but with less stuff. Today, I swear it had more traffic though.(Note to self, when heading to Toronto, on a Friday, during rush hour traffic rethink stopping on the way for coffee - or any liquid refreshments!) Now I don't want to give away Too Much Information but there is nothing worse than being trapped, bumper to bumper in more traffic than you can imagine, cars and tractor trailers as far as the eye can see, traffic to your left, traffic to your right - and you 'gotta' go pee. Well okay, there is something almost worse and that is seeing your hotel on the opposite side of the street and there is no way to cross the median. Man, when am I going to listen to Garmin Dan. He told me to be in the right hand lane, turn right and go round the block. He knew, but I didn't believe him so there I was, trapped with no escape for a full, fifteen minutes. My hotel was no more than one median and two lanes of traffic away - I could see it, I could almost touch it, I longed for it.(For a minute or two I considered just jumping out - abandoning the SUV in the middle of traffic and running across the street). Dan, I promise I will listen to you from now on.

The hotel, well that's another story. Have you seen the Travelocity commercial with the construction and the little gnome guy falling through the ceiling? Hey, he was at my hotel. They are actually jack hammering out the lobby and lucky me, the lobby is directly under my room. If this was summertime, I'd get even! I'd just use their white towels to clean my motorcycle. Alas, it's not, so I think I will just leave an encrypted note with the word "GNOMES" on the desk. By the way, who makes a bed and leaves the remote under the bottom sheet?

I saw only one brave biker this afternoon and I didn't envy him in the traffic or the cold.

Here I am in T.O.and it's the weekend and I do love the chance to get away for a little peace and quiet - did I mention my hotel is pretty much at the end of the Pearson Internationl Airport runway? There goes another 747 - Good Night!

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