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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Household Divided

Two wheels verses four wheels, on road verses off road - I live in a divided household. I ride a Yamaha VStar and my son rides a Honda Rincon.

I've never been an ATV rider but with the weather ups and downs we have here in Ontario I'm beginning to see his attraction for the sport. Unlike motorcycling and snowmobiling which are so dependant on mother nature, ATV riders give her the finger and keep on riding. Here I sit, my ride in storage, wondering what I could possibly blog about in January while he's out riding - happy as a pig in mud.

This Christmas brought new Mudlite XL tires for my son's 2008 Honda Rincon 680. These tires have killer lugs meant for serious mud-traction, but let's be honest, I've never really been attracted to mud let alone put a tire on a bike with the word 'mud' built into the name. For him mud = fun. The temperature hit double digits for the second day in a row and there's nothing but mud, mud, mud - just the thing that gets an off road rider itching to go. Fun, fun, fun!

Of course I've never thought having a winch on the front of my bike quite necessary either. I'm thinking if I have to plan to winch myself out of the mud, I should plan better in the first place. Ah, just two different ways of riding (or is it my old age?) Have fun and ride safe in 2011 - whatever your ride. 

Are you heading to the North American International Motorcycle Supershow 2011 in Toronto January 7, 8 and 9?


  1. Ya know, I have a house divided however, my grandkids had to ride dirt first and some still arent old enough to do anything else. I actually prefer dirt over asphalt because I love mud!! It is so much fun to get that dirty.
    They are completely different but, they are both so much fun. It beats sitting all the time its too icky for the road. Enjoy... its something everyone should try!

  2. You're so right, playing in the mud has got to beat sitting doing nothing. I wonder if he'll let me try his Rincon? Yikes, does that mean I'll have to let him try my Star? (Not gonna happen, ha, ha). Such a double standard!