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Sunday, March 13, 2011

It Must Be Spring

There was an excited, gossipy tension in the air this morning when I opened the door. I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was something just a little different outside. I thought maybe the birds knew the time had changed in the wee hours of this morning; even though my own dog was a full hour behind on her ‘get out of bed and feed me’ act.

A light dust of snow was falling - the kind you know isn’t going to stay. I could hear the usual chatter of Blue Jays “jaying”, Cardinals “twilling” and Chickadees “chick a dee dee dee deeing.” But something about it all seemed out of place. A lonely crow “cawed” in the distance. The pungent, earthy smell of spring hasn’t quite burst through the crusty frozen cover of winter – so what was it? There wasn’t one thing that I could pin point, but there was something definitely different about this morning.

Suddenly there it was. There, flitting from naked branch to naked branch was the first Robin of spring. It was like the whole natural community knew he had arrived during the night and though he was quiet the rest of the world was busy spreading the rumor, “He and spring have arrived.”

 Riders - start pulling those dust covers off. If you’re like me call your favorite motorcycle mechanic and set a date to pick up your oiled, greased, adjusted and fine-tuned machine. If you’re a ‘do it your selfer’ you probably already know what you need to do…but here are a few links for spring tune up tips and have fun!

And watch for “Shake out the Mothballs and Get Ready to Ride! This is the theme of well-known racer and instructor Misti Hurst's MCC webcast scheduled for Tuesday, April 19 (9:30 pm Newfoundland; 9:00 pm Atlantic; 8:00 pm Eastern; 7:00 pm Central; 6:00 pm Mountain; 5:00 pm Pacific).”

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