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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Call Me Wussy!

Right now,  as I speak (well not really because it is actually well past any self respecting mechanic's bedtime), but in the last day or so, hopefully today maybe even sometime, the VStar will have been deemed fit and ready to ride. The unfortunate thing is, this is Canada and it's ... well, let's just say, "It's not warm!" The weather has taken a turn toward the nasty. In the last couple days we've seen sheets of driving rain, pelting hail and blowing snow all topped off with nose-freezing temperatures - again! All thoughts of  JoeRocket  were sloughed aside when I sadly hauled the winter coat out once more.

Okay, call me wussy but I didn't like having to peel frost bitten and frozen fingers, one by one, from the glacial grips last October and with this spring looking just as cold I decided to have one more tiny accessory added to the VStar. I want heated grips. I know, I've been told by many, "They're easy to install yourself."  I even read a handy woman's guide to doing your own bike accessory stuff ... but the idea of doing surgery on my VStar sounded just as appealing to me as trying to take out my own appendix so it's being done at KTec and I was told, "Don't call before Wednesday." (In two hours it will be Wednesday, should I call?)
I bought the VStar from a terrific dealership (The Performance Shed, Harrowsmith, ON) and they did stellar work adding the windscreen, saddlebag brackets, back rest and luggage rack but the folks at KTec (Kingston) have looked after both my Suzuki's and even though I'm now a proud Yamaha owner, I am still a loyal customer. Last year they installed the 12 volt power socket and wired the Garmin mount on the VStar. The job was nothing less than "slick." I have high expectations and I know that this job will be just as complete. If you're ever touring through the Limestone City area and need any assistance I highly recommend either/both for motorcycle related work.

I'm afraid to even look at tomorrow's forecast - I really am a wussy!


  1. There's nothing wussy about wanting to stay warm, Lady. Being cold is dangerous on a motorcycle, and when I went out this spring, my fingers were the only parts that were truly cold, so I was thinking heated grips, too! Let us know how they work for you.