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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

12,182.8 km So Far

I've been away from the calendar on my refrigerator for 25 days and it’s hard to remember what day of the week it is let alone what day of the month. However, I do know that I’ve travelled 12,182.8 km so far. I can't believe the back tire is still looking trustworthy. Every now and again I think it must be done but then I realize it's just the troughs worn in the road by heavy truck traffic and all is well.

I’ve been pounding pavement, so to speak, in order to make it to the Atlantic Coast and home by Friday for dinner at the Battersea Creekside Pub. Then on Sunday I’ll be off to meet up with Belt Drive Betty on her share the ride/share the road awareness conga.

Once again this morning I was facing mountains as far as the eye could see, not the majestic snow capped Rockies but the gentle old rolling peaks of the Appalachians. I’ve noticed, however, it’s not the height of the mountains that defines the difference, east from west so much as it is the number of people and the number of towns and cities built within the mountains. Traffic was heavy and moving fast enough today to make me think the speed limit signs were meant merely as suggestions, or possibly somebody forgot to tell me that posted speeds now refer to the minimum speed rather than maximum speeds. Either way, I was glad to be off the freeway by 2 having reached my destination of Enfield Connecticut. No campsites in this area but as luck would have it my little no frills Motel 6 is a five minute walk from a major air conditioned shopping mall. If there can’t be a pool at least there’s a place to walk that’s cool. Tomorrow – the Atlantic Coast. Think I'll try to leave early before the morning rush.

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