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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another 527 km - One More Day ‘Til I Complete The Loop.


There’s something about the mountains. Unlike the beach, when you turn your back it’s just a memory, the mountains seem to go on forever. I left the mountains in Maine this morning and I’m still, at the end of the day, in the mountains. I’m camped at Whiteface Mountain. I’ve never been here before so it’s an adventure. The cool temperatures of yesterday and last night meant there was very little dew on the tent and it packed easily this morning. My camping neighbors, a teacher and her family from New York invited me for morning coffee and by the time we finished comparing Canadian education, banking, health care, dental care, poverty, homelessness and taxes … it was 8 o’clock. Another late departure for me but it was worth it for the conversation and coffee.

Much of the route today was secondary road, like the lady at the gas station told me yesterday, “There are no highways here honey, just roads.” I travelled a few of those roads today. Some were in good shape and some a bit rough but all in all they seemed more predictable than western ‘roads’. There was always construction lurking just around the corner and I’ve learned to slow down until I see for myself just what it is they are calling a ‘bump’ ahead. For one state a bump might mean a simple blip in the road while in the next state it could be a knock you right off your seat mound or a section of road that has been hollowed out and replaced by gravel. Luckily most of the construction sections were short with few delays.

I followed the 302 ‘road’ much of the way then was on and off the freeways. I had planned on crossing Champlain from Vermont into New York State by bridge but the bridge is no longer there. I found myself in the ferry line not exactly sure what was going on when I heard someone call, “Hey motorcycle!” I turned around to find a kind stranger bringing a ferry ticket to me. He had done the same thing but when he realized he needed a ticket, went to the booth and picked up a ticket for both of us. The ferry ride is free, but you still need a ticket. On the ferry I met a couple riding their Yamaha scooters, along with their little, goggle wearing pooch. The funny thing, theirs wasn’t the first dog I saw wearing goggles and riding a motorcycle today. The first motorcycle canine was a black lab riding shotgun in a side car.

This is my last night camping and as much as I’ll be glad to get home I’m enjoying the crackling sound and “summer’s great” smoky smell of vacation for one last night.

Main Street - Lake Placid


  1. You are right - mountains go forever. I love riding in the mountains. Great photos.

  2. ... and then before I realized what was happening the mountains had disappeared behind me too. Home again!