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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Through a Leica Lens

The folks at 'Henry's' convinced me to trade in my Nikon for the Panasonic Lumix because of the Leica lens. The DMC-ZS10 (my new digital toy) has a 16X optical zoom and records video in full HD ... but the real deal maker was the built in GPS (no more having to pull out the note pad to record where I am when I take a photo).
Thursday's ice turned to rain and then to snow and the temperature dropped to minus 25. So when the sun came out today and convinced the temperature to rise to a balmy minus 10 degrees Celsius I decided to take a little walk about and try looking at my neighborhood through the Leica Lens.

The Barn - Battersea

Fishing Boats Waiting For Spring - Battersea

Loughborough Lake - Ice Road

The Sleds That Run The Ice Road


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!!! Hmmm I might have to upgrade at some point here. The picture quality is amazingly crisp. The nice thing with winter weather on a sunny day there is a lot of contrast with the snow & blue sky. Gorgeous pictures! I can hardly wait for some warmer weather and get back out on my bike. I hate winter. I think I am going to have to rethink my choice of where I live, somewhere tropical might be nicer.

  2. Very nice pictures.

    We thought about the Panasonic prior to buying our Canon. Went with Canon as it was familiar.

    I think you did well with the Panasonic. Those pictures are so crisp and clear and the colors are fabulous.

  3. Thanks Dar ... it was an absolutely beautiful day for taking pictures and getting frost bitten cheeks. (At least somewhere warmer, if not tropical!)

    Trobairitz a couple or three cameras back I had a Canon EOS Rebel and loved it but when I started riding again the Rebel was just too much camera to pack. The first Nikon got drowned in my tank bag (before I found the otter box) and the last one I think I just wore it out. The Panasonic is a learning curve for sure (especially when I just like to click buttons and not waste time with manuals :-)

  4. I'd be interested to hear how you like the GPS feature. I had heard that the battery tend to run out a lot faster if you are using it to geo tag all of your pictures. I've resorted to taking an iPhone picture to get the location data while taking other photos with the dslr. Unfortunately, I rarely get around to modifying the data to add location information. Beautiful photos. I really like the barn shot.

  5. Richard - I'm excited about the GPS feature but you are absolutely correct. The first thing I was warned about was the battery drain from the GPS - simple solution, turn it off when not necessary, and remember to turn it off when not using the camera because it will stay on even if the camera is off. I'll let you know more when I hit the road (but if I've turned it off, will I remember to turn it back on????)
    I love old barns and buildings in general - such character.