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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cheyenne and 3,178.1 km

Hello from my home in Cheyenne Wyoming. A very short ride today (hour wise) especially when you take into consideration crossing yet another time zone. I practically got here before I left there. Really I got here in lots of time to find a Fed Ex office and ship my broken computer home, tour around a bit, pick up a dinner (even though the can of Bush's beans were well heated by the time I arrived) and spend a hour or more in the pool - all before dinner.
This morning I spent some time touring Gothenburg looking for a gas station with an air nozzle that would put air into my front tire and not just let it all escape, seems the spokes are a bit of a nuisance and I need just the right air nozzle. Then I stopped to visit the Pony Express Station (an original one, which has been moved to it's current location - they weren't prepared to ship my computer back to Canada at this time). After that it was onto the interstate again.
Nebraska turned into Wyoming ... the farms turned from corn to wheat and now have all but disappeared, the countryside is parched from drought. I stopped once to take a photo - it reminded me of Little House on the Prairie.  As you enter Cheyenne, the mountains are visible - far away.
I grew up with Bonanza and Gun Smoke and tomorrow, I'm gonna ride into Cheyenne just like the cowboys did. I think it will look just a little different then it did then.


  1. Karen:

    I know what you mean about the nozzle. My portable unit lets more air OUT than it puts IN, so I bought a larger electric air compressor for home use.

    In BC the Chilcotin is cowboy country, lots of real cowboys in small towns such as Ashcroft.

    You are so far ahead that having a short day to relax is great. Can a person overcook a can of beans ? How about a RTE can of ravioli instead ?

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Bob, are you telling me you'd choose ravioli instead of beans (nature's most perfect food - ready to eat right out of the can!)

  2. You are making your way across. Has the heat eased up at all? Hard to imagine it giving you a break when the land looks so parched.

    Looking forward to meeting you next Friday.

    1. Trobairitz I thought for a moment that the heat was letting up, then I realized it was just a cloud covering the scorching sun momentarily - cloud left, still hot!