Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day Four - 2,354.9 km (Hair elastics lost to date-3)

Today's scenic forecast, corn with intermittent soy bean and a slight chance of hay. It's Iowa, what can I say except, corn as far as the eye can see.

I left Rock Island under dubious skies, heading toward Omaha Nebraska. The skies cleared and the weather was perfect for riding. I arrived early in Omaha and noticed a sign, my favorite Motel 6, boasting a price just pennies more than the campsite. Since I hadn't pre-booked the campsite the thought of not having to dodge wildlife while finding my way to the bathroom with a flashlight was just too overpowering to pass up. So, here I am at the Motel 6 just down the street from the "WallyMart."

The computer problem is, I expect, the switch that activates the wifi (it has gone before). The solution was simple. WalMart and a new netbook and I'm up and blogging again. I also have a weeks replacement of hair elastics, have solved a little problem with the wire for the earbud with Velcro and had a great dinner. WalMart, where else can you buy hair elastics, cheap computers, Velcro dots, a fresh salad and a beverage all under one roof.

The topography is changing from flat land to rolling hill. I'm half way. The rides from here on in will be shorter. I'm hoping to get off the beaten path a bit to stop and take some pictures.
(Today's picture has been GPS tagged)


  1. Iowa sound so exciting... not! I admire those people making a living there and mentally surviving in the flat lands.

    1. But the air was fresh (in a country kind of way) and everybody was so polite, I even heard and an "excuse me." I think the green, lushness makes it easier to bear.

  2. Attention official jacket tester: Now that you've tested the wet weather protection how happy you are you with the mesh set-up?

    If you're solution to a computer problem is to buy a new computer, when you had a problem with the bike last week, why not a new bike? Any excuse will do you know. At least that's been my approach, as you know.


    1. Funny you should mention the mesh test part of the jacket - I just said to myself today, "Self, it must be that the lime green-ness reflects the heat rather than soaking it up... 'cause it sure feels a lot cooler than the all black model of years past." And as far as a new netbook vs new motorcycle, it's the zeros on the end of the price tag ...

  3. Glad you spent the extra pennies and sprung for the motel room. I agree, it is nice not to have to fight the wildlife to tinkle.

    Walmart may be an evil corporation but sometimes they are the only thing around and just have everything you need.

    Nice that you have a new netbook and are back online.

    1. I know for $9. more - and the bed alone in the hotel room has two times the square footage as my tent!
      WallyMart - what can I say?

  4. Karen:

    I have fond memories of Omaha. When I was there I visited the Liard Zoo and the indoor Jungle, forget the name but you should check it out. The SAC was closed but that was the original command centre which is all underground. SAC=Strategic Air Command. I goes about a mile underground. Uncle MOO, Mutual of Omaha has a dome at ground level which is the roof of the main floor. I think the floors are underground. you should also go to Old Town

    I am also interested in your Mesh test as I have the same JR Alter Ego 11.0 jacket. I just removed the tags this evening and plan to wear it tomorrow

    ride safe, see you next week

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