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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So Good - Too Bad ... But Then

The weather was so great today it was too bad I planned such a short trip but then it gave me time to sleep in, take in the sights of Bismark, stop for another buffalo, go for a walk, go shopping and have a swim. 338.9 km travelled. It wasn't warm enough to grill my sandwich again today, but I was hungry so I ate it anyway.
The Star at the State Capital
State Capital building - Bismark
Statue recognizing North Dakota's pioneers
 Train crossing the Missouri
Lewis & Clark riverboat on the Missouri, Bismark
 I met this couple at a roadside rest stop - the Impala,
all original, just as they bought it (they were putting the top down).
 Serendipitous gas stop
Erik, I almost missed the buffalo - I saw it on the highway but didn't get stopped in time. I pulled off for gas and what was peeking through the trees behind me? There was the biggest buffalo, plus I got a free coffee with my fill up!


  1. I have been meaning to ask but where are you grilling your sandwich? Exhaust pipes? Ingenious! Glad you are having a great day!

    1. Dar - I'm simply cooking from my trunk bag (when it's hot enough) - but there has been some discussion about how I could attach the sandwich to the cyllinder and get great grill marks.

  2. OK, I give you that. That doesn't look like a fly on the lens but rather like a buffalo.
    Bismark looks like a sweet little town. Do people still live there? It looks so clean and empty...

  3. That's what I remember of the Dakota's - buffalo. Surrounded by a herd one time in Custer State Park you don't realize how big they really are until a mature male sidles up to within 6 feet of you.

    1. Canajun, the real ones were way down in the canyon - no worries, the big one (not real) but Erik wanted to make sure I saw it. I did come face to face with Momma B and her baby a few years back in Yellowstone but luckily the bikes were ignored.

  4. The biggest buffalo and free coffee with your fill up. It is like winning the travel lottery.

    Glad you had nice weather for your wanderings. Maybe you left the nasty winds behind for good.

  5. Trobairitz - could life (in the pasture) get any better!