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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013 The Eastside Story, Day 23: Charlottetown and Wood Islands

Even with cloudy skies and cool temperatures it was good to be a tourist today in Charlottetown.
Scenes from the street ...
 the Sunday market ...
 street entertainers (who even give directions) ...
 and then lunch before heading to Wood Islands.
 Scenes from the road ...
 The Northumberland Ferries Limited, Confederation sets sail for NovaScotia.
 The light house at Wood Islands ...
and of course it wouldn't be a tour on the island without seeing at least a couple fishing boats.


  1. I really like the photo of the shacks with the colored doors. It looks like a beautiful area to travel in. Have you been here before?

  2. Richard, I've been here many times. I have family who live here ... but on each trip I see something that I haven't seen before.

  3. I am so envious! I have always dreamed of travelling across Canada to the Atlantic Provinces. It looks beautiful! I am definitely going to have to put ths on my Moto bucket list.

    1. Well worth the bucket list Dar ... and when you get to Ontario, let me will have a spot to stay for sure.

  4. Isn't it funny how you can be to a lace many times, but never notice something?

    It looks like a pleasant place for a stroll. I like the picture of the colored doors as well as the V-Star in front of the lighthouse.

    1. Trobairitz I love the history and architecture in the Maritimes, it makes for a great place to walk.