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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013 The Eastside Story Day 26: NB River Valley Scenic Drive

Route 130, New Brunswick's River Valley Scenic Drive turned out to be a wonderful ride with gentle curves following the St John river from Woodstock to Grand Falls. It passed through Hartland, home of the world's longest covered bridge and Florenceville-Bristol, self proclaimed home of the best French fries in the world, unfortunately they weren't serving 'chips' for breakfast.
The scenic drive ended at Grand Falls NB south east of Edmunston but the perfect weather continued for the rest of the day.
You can cross the gorge by bridge (definitely my choice) or you can cross by zip line. First zipper crossing - "ya - hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
 Double zipper crossing ...
After the Falls the route lead to highway 2W then turned to 185N.  This section of highway is undergoing massive reconstruction, the magnitude of which was mind blowing.  I'm sure there are small countries that could be entirely rebuilt with less work. All of this, of course, once again played with Garmin Dan's electronic head! (Dan just doesn't seem to be able to cope with change.)
Tonight's stop is in St. Andre, Quebec. Dropping down into the river valley, from highway 185 to route 132, I was once again awe struck by the sight of the magnificent St.Lawrence estuary; across the river's mouth the mountains meet the water and I know I'm close to home. Route 132 is one of my favorite highways to ride as it follows the meanderings of a mighty river through towns brimming with character and history.

P.S.  Gaining an hour left a little time to explore and I made a new friend on my hike along the river ...
And the sun set (midst millions of blood sucking mosquitoes) over the St. Lawrence at St. Andre.


  1. Just think of the pictures you could have provided your blog followers when you went over on the zip line. Aren't we worth a few moments of sheer terror?

    Nice paint job on that house. Teal and white?

  2. More great pics - love the rocky gorge and old farmhouse. What's up with bridges trying to be tunnels?

  3. And you didn't try the zip line? They're great fun to ride.

  4. Karen, I was only on that stretch of road once, and I think I slept through most of it. When you're a kid you have no perspective. Sleeping in the back seat of the car seems like a better choice than appreciating stunning scenery that you may never see again.

  5. Beautiful photos Karen. How does it feel to be close to home again?

    Hope you didn't get skeeters in your tent.