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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 The Eastside Story Day 11: Again, It Was The Call Of The Pool ...

Trying to beat the heat I forced myself to get up at 6:30 but when all was said and done it was still an hour and a half before I left. I made coffee but the nocturnal critters once again did me out of my meal. I had left it on ice knowing full well I was taking a risk. I hope they enjoyed the cheese and sausage. 

Today was a short day with only one stop to make before heading to my campsite and rendezvous spot near State College.

Hershey Pennsylvania: the 8:30 sun already promising to incinerate another day.

East On Chocolate
West on Chocolate
Chocolate and Park??? What's with Park?

I traveled the by-ways until again, the call of a waiting pool got the best of me.

Where I floated away the hours, until, even after multiple applications of SPF 30 my face still felt roasted.


  1. Hershey is a nice little town and I enjoy all of the winding two lane roads in PA. As long as I have a GPS.

    Even in your pictures it looks really warm. When is the

  2. Richard, the Hershey's kisses were still there just like I remembered ... they now have a huge 'amusement' park as well. Didn't even ride over to that street to check it out. It was warm already.
    David (Scoot Commute) is planning on arriving tonight (a long ride from T.O. to here in this heat.) and I see Bobskoot is just dropping down the side of Lake Michigan and plans to be here tomorrow.

    1. I went to the "amusement park" a few years back but passed on the "amusement" part. They had a shop area outside of the rides and that was enough for me. I'm told that there used to be things like factory tours but they've moved all those things out of Hershey. All that's left is the touristy part.

      Plus, your host, Steve Williams. I was wondering why Bob was blasting across the country...

    2. Steve has been a gracious host along with his friend Paul.

  3. Don't you remember the warnings about 'not feeding the wildlife"?? They now have your number! Hey, I know you will eat cold beans. With this heat, you could leave the cans out, and they would be warm for dinner!
    Need more 'food porn' pictures! Have fun with your 'riding mates'!

    1. Oh no, I forgot to take photos of breakfast ... was delicious. Tomorrow, I promise.

  4. Well at least it isn't raining. Must be tough to have to hang out at the pool.

    Those kisses street lamps are kinda neat.

    Hope everyone arrives okay.

    1. All arrived - hot and sweaty but they're here.

  5. RichardM nailed it - It looks hot in those photos.

    OK, so, the question is: Does Hershey, PA smell like chocolate?

  6. Funny you should mention that ... as I went past the Reese plant I was sure I could smell chocolate in the air.