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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Would She Say Yes?

He knelt in front of her, his heart lay open to the world on top of Mount Royal today. He held his breath as he clutched the glistening diamond hidden inside the dark velvet box. He didn't flinch. It was her sobs that brought our attention to them. Would she say yes? She didn't answer ... Just another ordinary day as a tourist in Montreal.
The day began at L'Avenue for brunch where we discussed the idea and integrity of the wires holding a motorcycle above the patrons at the next table and, of course, the artistic merit of having a black-lit, mural painted toilet.

Easy Rider just dropped in for brunch (Notice - finally a bit of motorcycle content!)
Very unusual bathroom (so I was warned ahead of time that I might like to have my camera with me in the bathroom!)
In the hands of very capable tour guides (a native and an ex-pat) it was off to experience the sights and sounds of Old Montreal.

  Olympic Stadium from another angle today
 Jean-Talon Market
Notre-Dame Basilica 
 Place Jacques Cartier
  Bonsecour Market from the Old Port side
Discrete entrance to 'Garde Manger' (Chuck Hughes, Chuck's Day Off - Food Network.)
And so the day ended ... filled with great company, good food, wonderful sights and only two near misses or rather 'too close for comfort,' close calls involving Montreal traffic.

And by the way ... from across the lawn, I knew she said, "Yes."
True (Love) Story!



  1. Sweet! Montreal, the city of love.

  2. How did you know? You must've googled it as they know ALL...

    Montreal looks wonderful!

    1. Richard I was googling for sure ... even though we decided to move away and give them some privacy I had to keep looking back to know!

  3. Sonja, I am so sorry we went west when you came east.

    Your tour guides did an incredibly good job.

    Witnessing a proposal? Amazing + Priceless!!

  4. PS: L'Avenue is quite possibly THE BEST breakfast restaurant Montreal has to offer. Did you have to wait long in the cold to get in? That rest room paint job is truly amazing isn't it?

    You should hop out to Vancouver. There are at least four breakfast places that rival L'Avenue.

    1. Wasn't a long wait, maybe 10 minutes. We knew the restaurant so decided to brunch and got there early to beat the crowd.

  5. This just makes me want to go back to Montreal - just not in winter this time. I loved walking around Old Town even at -36C last time.

    1. It is a beautiful city to walk around and it wasn't that cold this weekend -12C.