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Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Let's Get Physical"

The last day in Niagara Falls meant one more quick trip down the hill to see the falls close up - from the tunnel lookout behind the falls.

Then, my long time, avid Geo Caching friend who had consented to leave hubby and offspring behind to visit the Falls with me said, "There are a couple of caches at the bottom of Whirlpool Gorge I'd like to find ... wanna go on the way home?"

This is the view of the Gorge from the visitor centre and aero car docking station. You can see the water whirlpooling counter clockwise as it rushes into the basin over the class VI rapids. The Parks Commission only allows a few professional kyakers to attempt this run.
(This is the Google Earth view of  'the Whirlpool Gorge.') Alright, then. If you're going to go on a hike might as well make it a good one. Let's get physical.
This is the view about 1/3 of the way down looking up the trail "steps." Notice you can't see the top!
This is the view looking down from where the steps end. Notice, you can't see the bottom! Looks like an easy trail right? Notice there are no more photos along the trail? I was too busy trying not to end up at the bottom the quick way to take more photos.
This was the view from the bottom. The concrete object on the bottom right is a heli pad (kind of says they expect hikers and kayakers to need rescuing doesn't it?) The trip down was a breeze (compared to the trip back to the top) though the terrain got too treacherous for us to find the third cache along the shore and we turned and headed back up the trail.
Niagara Falls region - a super spot to visit.


  1. I had heard about the tunnel behind the falls. How far does it go?

    1. The tunnel is actually short, only about 150' but you take an elevator 150' down to get to them.

  2. It's a beautiful part of Ontario for sure.

    1. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful country for sure.

  3. Beautiful pictures from the route.

    Damn physics. What went down must get back up. I hate it when the happens.

  4. It brings back memories of my student travels on a Greyhound bus (or whatever it was from Toronto) - first stop Niagra!