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Sunday, July 12, 2015

About My Morning Coffee

This morning, relaxing over my hot, delicious coffee, I started thinking," I won’t have much to write about today," then I thought, "I should blog about my morning coffee."

Okay, this post isn’t so much about the coffee as it is about the terrific Christmas present one of my sons gave me this year so I could make my coffee (not that they didn’t both give me wonderful gifts, they did and I have both with me on this trip … it’s just that only one of them has anything to do with the morning coffee.)
He gave me this totally cool cooking pot/system called a Jetboil Flash personal cooking system. It holds 2 cups at the max line with an extra, at least, one and a half cup space above the line, I’m assuming, for safety. It fits a ‘primus power gas’ tank of propane isobutene butane, which he also gave me.
Like most camp cooking devices the burner part threads onto the fuel tank. The burner has the standard fuel lever and ignition button. The cool part is the accordion design on the bottom of the carbon pot. It seems to speed up the heating action and two cups come to a rolling boil in just under two minutes.
Second cool thing is the insulating cover with handle. Even at a full boil the pot is touchable and the handle allows safe handling.
Third cool thing … watch this (not exactly time lapse but every few seconds or so.)
The flame design on the side actually changes colour as the water heats. It becomes completely yellow at the boiling point (just in case you couldn’t see the steam or hear the bubbling.)
It also features a sippy cup lid in case you are inclined to drink boiling liquid, and the bottom cover doubles as a bowl or measuring cup.
It’s totally amazing. I can think of a number of things that could be cooked in a single pot, not just the coffee. The website suggests soup and dehydrated meals but why limit yourself.
My only complaint, the large pot takes up a lot of space, though the burner and stabilizing stand store inside the pot for travel. I see on the website that there are other accessories that can be purchased including smaller pots. This is the first time I've checked out their website and holy crap! It’s pricey, no wonder the coffee tasted so good this morning. He must think I’m special. (I think he is too!)
Mileage update … just under 50km today; I totally chilled with the coffee pondering the sudden cloud bursts most of the morning then the sun came out and I rode over to enjoy a relaxing afternoon sitting by the water in the company of friends and family. Life is Good!

Quick weather update ... that thunderstorm that was supposed to happen this afternoon and didn't, well, by the sound of the distant rumbling and the raindrops covering my glasses, it might be just late in arriving. I love sleeping in the tent in the rain.

This product review is totally unsolicited.


  1. Nice gift! Did it come with the French press attachment?

    1. Not this time. I did see that one on the site though. I expect if he had given me that one I would seriously need to consider a sidecar just to haul the luxury items.

  2. I need to get one of these! the day doesn't start without coffee!

  3. Would it boil up my espresso machine?

    1. I expect it has an attachment for espresso!

  4. That looks like an awesome product. I might need to get one for my trekking trip on Iceland (bucket list stuff... to happen within the next three years I'd like to think).

  5. We've had a jet boil for a few years as well. We don't camp without it. And sometimes we'll take it on day rides for road-side hot tea in chillier months.

    I'm glad your son gave one to you. Now you wonder how you did without it.

    REI and their periodic sales are the best way to buy them and accessories in the USA.

  6. I've always wondered about the Jet Boil and decided to go in another direction but now I'm curious. Thanks for the poke, looks like it's certainly working well for you! :)