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Friday, July 31, 2015

Once In A Blue Moon: Review of RUDE BIKER CHICK, Lessons From My Daddy by Sash Walker

A short time ago 'Sash' Walker asked if I’d be willing to read and review her newly published autobiography: RUDE BIKER CHICK: Lessons From My Daddy. Sash is a popular Motoblogger on the web and now rides a 650 VStar. For a fellow Star Lady and blogger I was honored. Her story demonstrates that once in a blue moon an abused child can grow into a woman who fights to put her demons behind her, forgive her abusers and start over.

Reading the introduction gave me trepidation about the rest of the book. I have to admit I love comedy, fluff and stories with happiness galore. I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was an insight into what has made her who she is today, Sash Walker, Rude Biker Chick. Something within the first few pages made me like Sash. I think it was her connection to her Daddy. Although affiliated with motorcycle gangs and drugs Sash’s father was the one constant in her life. She has carried his many tidbits of wisdom with her and now shares them in her story.

Sash writes with an easy, familiar style. She just wants to tell her story matter of fact with a little rudeness thrown in because that’s who she is. You can see the scars she carries but as she puts it, she is trying “to figure out how to be at home with herself" and, I expect, publishing her story has been part of the process. Sash spent six months riding the USA. The journey required more physical strength than she knew she had, but she finished it with a sense of accomplishment. Sash’s story of abuse as a child and as a young adult is not a unique a one; all too many children are scarred from abuse. Like Sash, they often turn to drugs either becoming abusers or victims the rest of their lives. It’s a common cycle, a cycle that Sash shows can be broken.

Sash almost let life kill her, it could have killed her but instead it has made her stronger. Once in a blue moon a woman can share her pain and in that sharing start to forgive and even respect those from her past. Once in a blue moon a woman can leave her past behind ready to take charge of her future as a survivor. That’s ‘Sash’ Walker’s story.

Tonight we are under a Blue Moon.

Promotional pictures of Sash and her book are published here with permission.


  1. Great review, Karen. I guess there will be quite a few amongst us riders who have dealt with a package of some sorts, be it abuse, illness or other issues. For some people riding might be "just a hobby", for others it's an outlet and therapy.

  2. Very well said. I'll have to look for that one to read.

    1. Thanks Kathy ... Sash would appreciate that.

  3. Thank you so much Karen! :) I'm so pleased! I really appreciate your review!
    Sash - The Rude Biker Chick

    1. More than welcome Sash ... take care. Enjoy the revelry in Sturgis!