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Monday, July 20, 2015

Serendipity: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for

When did I stop looking out the door before making a decision? I was watching the weather channel and checking my three weather apps this morning early and made the call to stay put. This morning started cold and grey like yesterday but it wasn’t raining like they said it would. I coulda’ left, maybe I shoulda’ left but I’d already signed on for another day.

What to do? I made coffee with my Jetboil, found the hardboiled eggs I bought yesterday had frozen in the fridge so I ate the croissant and cheese (thawed in the microwave) that came with them. I caught up on reading some blogs I’ve been neglecting, read the news online and … still not raining.
What now? Head back over to river’s edge. I had noticed the trail along the river’s edge went west so I decided to follow it and serendipitously I chanced upon a spectacular walking trail that I’d recommend you come see if you have the chance.
The manicured trail follows the top of a berm, obviously made to protect the village from high-water damage with drainage on both sides.
I got to this western trail entrance where beyond the trail was a bit less cared for but still easily passable.
The sky had blue patches but I watched the fog begin to roll in.
The wind picked up and it had storm on its breath so I decided to head back to my little cabin not wanting to be caught in a storm like the one that ripped through last night with cabin rocking thunder. I don't know how far the trail goes, but I went 13 kilometers.
The blue sky showed through for a bit but the clouds are looming overhead once again, the weather network is still talking about big systems moving in ... but it's still not raining.
For serious hikers, wearing the right kind of shoes ... oh, the places you could go!


  1. If you packed your bike, it would've rained… Or forgot your raingear or packed a picnic lunch or just washed your bike.

    That's a pretty nice trail you found.

  2. No kidding - seems to be the way it's going these days.
    It was an awesome river walk trail, I would have liked to attempt the other 'hiking' trails that lead off, somewhere up that big rock formation, but the sandals just wouldn't cut it. What can I leave behind next time so I can fit real shoes.......hummm?

  3. Definitely my kind of trail, Karen. I am definitely going to pack some trail runners. Or maybe I take my hiking boots, and use them for riding as well.

    1. You will probably be taking this road to the Gaspe Sonja, and you won't be carrying camping equipment ... that will leave lots of space for shoes.

  4. What gorgeous photos! I just wanted to sit by the fence with the flowers and eat an apple and some cheese. I love those landscapes, something from a fairy tale, that we find in our own backyards. Oh the whole country is our backyard, really, when we have 2 wheels, right?
    Sash - The Rude Biker Chick
    See Sash Videos!

    1. Sash, one man's weeds ... another's wild flowers. The fields and ditches are unbelievably beautiful, it is a fairy land.

  5. Oooh what pretty photos. The trail looks lovely.

    1. Absolutely beautiful here Brandy ... but I'm ready to leave now!