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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Today's Little Gad About Along The Bay ...

175W to 176; Black's Harbour and the ferry terminal. Then to the 778 mountain loop past Deadman's Harbour, no place for photos. Back to 175E to 790 another loop past Macey Bay, Dipper Harbour, Chance Harbour and up to Musquash, again no photo opportunities. Back to 175 and back to the grocery store in Pennfield before heading 'home.'
The ferry to Grand Manan arrives.
An amazing parking job by the captain as he pulls a bit of a donut before backing into the dock.
 I waited until it left again.
Lepreau covered bridge. Google maps shows it having a road going through it - not! (Barely even a footpath, that is if you'd trust it on foot.)
And the tide came in ...
High tide in front of the Clipper Ship, note that little patch of sea weed looking stuff in the water ...
 And the tide went out ... remember the little patch of sea weed... 
Low tide in front of the Clipper Ship. A huge mountain of rock covered by the Fundy tide - highest in the world. Truly amazing.
After a half day of riding the Fundy Trail a shortish 8 km hike was in order where I had...
another 'Bambi' encounter!


  1. The Fundy tides are most impressive, especially at Hopewell Rocks. I am a water person and could spend the whole day watching the tide go in and out ;-)

  2. Wow, was I ever behind on this years adventure. Sounds like a wonderful journey ahead. I finally broke down and sold my beloved SV to someone who appears as though he is going to love it as much as I did and treat it like his baby! Picked me up a new-to-me M50 that is pretty much stock. Looking at your setup it looks like the first thing I will need is a sissy bar and carrier because without there doesn't seem to be much of anything to tie stuff to. I travel much like you - tent etc - but without the awesome coffee maker! Any advice for me? Do you find the sissy bar a must have? The windscreen make enough difference to warrant purchase or did you try without for awhile? Do you have any idea where your route will take you next week? I'm thinking about heading down to the Skyline since I have 5 days off. Have a great trip Karen.

    1. Congrats on the new ride. It will be a change for you but I am sure you will enjoy what my friends call, "arm chair" riding. I think a cruiser is great for long distance and I like to pack mine, as Sonja said, like a little mule. Sissy bar and luggage rack both necessary for me. I need the bag on the rack just to carry electronic devices (ha, ha) I've never claimed to pack light. I tried riding without a windscreen but found I was being buffeted too much. My windscreen is just a small one, enough to deflect the wind a bit, I still look over it.
      I had been planning on crossing from PEI to the Mississippi but have had to change p plans yet again. I am now heading north to the St.Lawrence instead ... meandering home, going as slow as possible and trying not to get wet. It almost worked.
      Enjoy your ride to the Skyline, I think Kathy,"ToadMama" has talked some about it on her blog. She lives, sort of, in the area.

  3. Has PEI been having a seasonably decent summer do you know. I'm thinking fo exit strategies from the non-summer here in NL and a bike tour of Atlantic Canada for a couple of weeks would be right in my wheel house? (HWM)

    1. HighwayMan ... even though the last snow didn't melt until after May 18 (in my friend's back yard,) the Island seems to have caught up with summer. The weather was ideal for riding and the breeze was comfortable for stopping. Sitting in the sun on my brother in law's deck was a little too hot for me, but the shade was wonderful. (I was, however a bit chilly at night in the tent ... had to wear extra clothes to sleep and wished I had another blankie!) I have to say, it was the most perfect Island vacation I've had so far ... You gotta go!