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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When The Weather Changes ... You Change Your Plans

My friend Ron arrived on the Island last night so I motored over to see him in Rusticoville.
"There's weather moving in. I don't want to get wet do you?" "No, Ron I don't want to get wet if I can help it."

This morning's forecast called for a 'nasty-ish' weather disturbance to arrive just after lunch. Not enough time to make a 6+/- hour ride to the east end of the Island and get back so the plans changed. (The trip to Souris has been postponed until to my next visit to the Island.)
While we stood on the wharf, somewhere along Rustico Bay, trying to decide where else we might go we had the chance to watch a little natural drama. Mama and Papa Osprey were quite perturbed by a bald eagle in their territory and went after him. He ducked into the tree line and they returned to the nest on a nesting post on the wharf.
We decided to stick close to the area and do a little back and forth touring. First to the Park drive along the Gulf side...
Then on to Cavendish beach ... the wind had picked up and was unfriendly at times for riding, but much appreciated for stopping.
Still not raining so ...
We headed west to do a little more of Anne's Coastal tour up to Stanley Bridge and on to Kensington and back toward Cavendish. By then the sky was darkening.
It's raining now ... great excuse to do laundry. Tomorrow I say goodbye to the Island, weather permitting.


  1. I was just looking at a map of PEI. Much bigger place than I had imagined with lots of little (very scenic) towns. Laundry is standing in the rain?

  2. No Richard, that's the shower! And it is one of those heavy, solid rains that is creating rivers down the sand roads. Lucky for me, laundry is inside and I can sit at a table, upright while I wait til it's late enough to go to sleep. Besides, my extension cord wasn't long enough to reach from my tent to the power outlet at this site (well, it would have been if I had wanted to put my tent up on an extreme slope and sleep just about standing up: on my list, longer extension cord..)

  3. You managed some great pics before the rain hit. Hope you weren't wet through your tent this morning.

    1. Wet? Ah, that's a whole other story Trobairitz ...