Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Michigan's No Dream To Me Now ...

A very  long time ago I met a boy from Escanaba Michigan. I passed through there today. I couldn't remember his name...I rode on...past Green Bay ...
Finally Lake Michigan and a beach, one mile from the northern most point of the lake. Warnings on the road, watch for sand as I rode through the dunes.
St. Ignace - Thanks for the tip about the bridge Erik.
St. Ignace harbor. It was a beautiful little town. I couldn't help myself. I had to stop.
And more than a few frustrating internet moments. Oh, well.


  1. I never saw Lake Michigan look blue before!

  2. It must be the sun and the heat. The north shore was beautiful.

  3. Wow, looks like a warm day at the ocean to me.

  4. Love riding in the UP.. Glad you got to visit MI!

    1. Was tempted to do the south shore of Michigan but the dollar and the heat got the best of me.