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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

An Excuse To Go Out In The Cold

It was -24 C with an even colder wind chill and there weren't many good excuses to go outside except to bring in more wood or to head out to the motorcycle show.  So off to Toronto it was. Yes, it's January and that means another International Motorcycle Super Show. 

There was the usual fare of new and used bikes, gear, groups, tours and all kinds of motorcycle and other paraphernalia. 
Not too many show stoppers this year but my motorcycle mentors were rather keen on this new z900 RS Kawasaki, with it's 'iconic teardrop tank'.
The Honda step-through, according to Ken, was the model that launched the brand in North America.

And I had a fleeting thought, "Harley Dominoes", what would happen if ... (The devil made me think that!)
Flashback to 2013. I couldn't find my campground and it was starting to rain. I pulled into a cheap motel. The morning came and I headed out, still raining: Turned the corner and found Orange County Choppers
Even if you're not a 'chopper fan' Orange County Choppers are iconic ... so ... it wasn't my destination but I stopped to take a picture just the same. Where are they now?
The Teutuls (Paul Sr. and Mikey) of Orange County Chopper fame are doing the bike show circuit along with a couple of their 'works of art' so to speak. Just like back in 2013, I didn't wait in line, just circled around to say I'd been there and headed off. 

A great day (despite the cold). And Friday, just as the show opens - the perfect time to get there. No crowds.


  1. I generally liked the look of some of Orange County Choppers bikes. They were art more than transportation. I didn't care for all of the yelling and conflict in the show...

    I attended my first IMS last November purely by chance. I had not planned it at all.

  2. That is indeed a good reason to get out, Karen. OCC is btw also well known in Germany, and has a lot of fans in the Harley world.

  3. A motorcycle show is a great reason, not excuse, to go riding in the cold. :)

  4. V Star Lady - I was drooling over that Kawasaki Z900rs at the bike show here last November; now they've announced the price £10k it would seem better to find a good restored original Z !! As for OCC, well the tv show was popular here but we don't see any choppers on the road in the UK due to having lots of bends!

  5. Good thing I wasn't there else I might be trying to explain the new Z900RS in the garage. Love that bike! As for OCC - as soon as it became more about the Teutels and less about the bikes I lost interest.

  6. Thanks for posting the pictures from the show. We like to go to the one in Vancouver but it isn't in the cards for us this year. Hubby has a Team Oregon thing to attend on that Saturday.