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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Three Hour Lunch

Holidays are all about (or they should be about) doing what you want, at the pace you want. Today I had a delightful 3 hour lunch with my friend Elizabeth an Islander who, to my delight, met me at Avonlea Village (a newly created tourist spot). We had a lovely meal at Samuel’s Coffee House and caught up on a whole year’s worth of news.
(Avonlea Village is what I’d call a commercial restoration. It has been created by bringing a number of historical buildings together in one new location, not to be historically preserved, but to be repurposed as commercial businesses while still keeping their historical facades. I suppose it’s a compromise, history and commercialism.)
Sadly our time together came to an end and Elizabeth was on her way, much later than planned, to take care of family obligations. At 4 o’clock the day was still young enough to take a walk, so I revisited part of the trail I walked yesterday.
The beach was much more colourful today as it’s the weekend, but the trail was still a beautiful, and peaceful place to walk. It was warm, but there was a refreshing breeze coming off the gulf.
It’s not raining, the forecast isn’t predicting rain, but the sky is beginning to say otherwise. If it rains in the night, I’m good with that. There’s nothing more relaxing than sleeping to the sound of rain on the roof.


  1. It looks like you are having the perfect holiday, solo riding, hiking and lunch with a friend! Great photos - lots of envy from me!

  2. A 3 hour lunch sounds fabulous...where are my food shots?? Ps: I am not getting email notifications of your posts I signed up again. Maybe I am not alone??

  3. El D, it is perfect in my books ... how is it that the hiking doesn’t entirely cancel out the calories consumed. Not fair but worth every step and calorie.
    Barbara ... the photo is coming.

  4. +1 what El Diente said, including the envy.