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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

As One Ages … One’s Lifestyle May (Must) Ultimately Change … Or, I May Totally Stink Over The Next Couple Of Weeks!

Yup, I am getting older. Eight years ago, when I bought the Star I (over) packed for a month on the road and thought nothing of it. Since then, the Star has taken me (over packed) to Ohio and back to Maine and PEI. It has taken me to the California Coast, back to Maine and home again. It took me, loaded like a mule to Hell’s Canyon and back. It took me on an eastern adventure to meet with Bobskoot and then on a memorial trip to honour Bob from Maine to Minnesota. But last year my trek to the ocean felt heavy. I packed as I always had, prepared to be self sufficient for an undetermined amount of time. Don’t get me wrong, I am still totally in love with my darling little motorcycle. And I say that lightly, as she sits totally naked in the driveway weighing in at 544.5 lbs (not little at all), but I don’t think I have the strength that I used to … so I’m facing a bit of a lifestyle (or should I say a life – weight) change. I have decided to reduce the weight and there in lies the stink!
I can’t change the weight of the Star; the accommodations still are needed (and haven’t lost any weight since last year) … so I must make a lifestyle change; reduce the personal effects. I refuse to compromise on underwear packed (how many grams can they weight?) So, I have had to greatly reduce everything else. OMG, can I survive with only two electronic devices, two pair of yoga pants, two pair of shoes and two t-shirts? I feel things may get a little stinky this time around. That being said, I've gotten very good at balancing ... saddle bags exactly 12.4 lbs each.

Keep posted to see if I survive a minimalist holiday lifestyle.


  1. Current tents weigh a fraction of what older tents did. Much lighter materials and more netting for use in moderate weather. Or add a sidecar to the Star and carry anything you want...

  2. 2 pairs of shoes! Extravagance!

    I always take too much stuff but often don't even take shoes - what's wrong with motorcycle boots? You can wear them anywhere....

    PS: not sure what yoga pants are...

  3. Richard, not sure I could justify a fifth tent in the house ... but will have to check them out. Side car, not so sure, isn’t that even heavier?

  4. Andrew, well, let me explain. Yoga pants are those skin tight, spandex things that wear very well under riding gear (but present a whole other problem when trying to remove them from a sweaty body). Very versatile and can almost be considered clothing when the gear is taken off. However I am picturing my shorty pants and riding boots around the campground - not. And to be fair, one pair of shoes are flip flops for the beach. After all, that is where I am headed.

  5. Karen, believe me, it's doable ;-)
    I had a 5 sets of underwear, 1 long john, 2 long undershirts, 1 LD comfort riding shorts (the equivalent to your yoga pants), 4 pairs of socks, 3 Icebreaker T-shirts, 1 Shirt, 1 Sweat Shirt, 1 Fleece jacket
    1 Pair of jeans, 1 Pair of convertible pants... And it was way too much, because there were so many opportunities to hand wash or use a washing machine.