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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow Bound and Written Out

Just to make it clear, I've not been "written off", I'm simply, "written out" and snow bound (gotta get me a snow machine or move to a more motorcycle friendly climate.)

My 'friends' have complained that I'm not writing as much these days and to tell the truth, they're right. I have to say this blog was meant to be one part motorcycle experience, one part travel and one part this gal's take on the world. And right now, the motorcycle is deep in storage, this gal isn't goin' far and there isn't much left of my thoughts to 'take on' the world. It's report card season for teachers in Ontario and all thoughts are reserved for how our "Little Iodines" are progressing toward meeting provincial expectations! I've spent two solid days writing but not for fun. (Excuses, excuses!)

Now, that job's out of the way I can focus on the fun stuff coming up. Next trip - NYC. Yahoo! It's another girls mid week weekend to the Big Apple and I can't wait. Barbara and I are heading back to New York come March and no, it's not going to be by motorcycle! Hell! it hasn't stopped snowing this month, but we're looking forward to it just the same. Barbara is a foodie and is looking for memorable (in a good way) places to eat - has anyone got a suggestion?

After the NYC trip I will be doing some serious trip planning for July and August when I hope to hit the Lincoln Highway once again - heading to the Pacific Coast. A woman on a mission - Touring for Tummies.

By the way, I've thought about archiving my summer 2010 photos, but I just can't. Really, I'm not a hoarder, it's just that they are my inspiration for summer 2011.

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