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Friday, August 19, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again ...

Not ocean - but Big Water just the same.
Lake Ontario's Shore - Wellington ON
The Star is now proudly sporting a new rear tire; can you believe the old one lasted over 25,000 km? She’s had a much needed oil change, once over and RX for the ‘clunk, clunk, clunk.’

I’ve made it clear in the past that I am not the ‘mechanical’ type. I carry a CAA (come float me away) card not a repair kit and that’s one of the reasons why the whole shaft driven system was so enticing. Compared to a chain or belt driven motorcycle (I’ve ridden both) it seemed to be a no muss, no fuss, and right up my alley choice. I hadn’t ridden further than to the village and back while waiting on the tire so the clunk, clunk, clunk was new. I was a bit concerned riding to the Performance Shed and was eager to tell them about the problem. It sounded like it was coming from the left and under me but I really couldn’t describe it better than that. As it turns out, that no muss, no fuss drive shaft was dry and in much need of TLC and lubrication. Add one more thing to the list of things I’ve learned.

So yesterday, happy to be on new rubber and relieved that the clunk was so easily fixed I was off to ‘The County’ to meet fellow rider and friend Ron for lunch at the Tall Poppy Café. It’s a beautiful little ride (240 km round trip) and I had planned to leave early so I could take the scenic route through the back country saving the happy little ferry ride for the return trip. Lucky for me I started early because, as luck would have it, I let the bike drop backing out of the shed and for the second time this summer my star was laying on her chrome – why the chrome, why does she always fall on the chrome? Luckier still, friend and neighbor Ken was still at home and was able to help put her back on her wheels again, no harm done (except to my pride).

Lunch was fabulous as usual. Ron and I shared stories of our latest adventures then we were off to visit a few of the regions wineries. I would have posted the photo of both of us at the winery, it was really a great photo except for the fact it was out of focus, maybe that’s why it was a great photo, but none the less, it was out of focus. So here's Ron, tasting the fine County wines ...

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