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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day Trip to Wolfe Island

It has rained or threatened to rain 4 of the 5 days since I arrived home. I think its Mother Nature telling me the vacation is over and I should be looking for my weed enveloped house under its layer of dog hair. But I’m always looking for a new day trip close to home and am easily persuaded to put the vacuum down.

Yesterday brought an invitation to join Barb and Ken on the north east shore of Wolfe Island for the last “Boot n Bonnet” barbeque of the season. The gathering thunderheads meant tripping with the neighbors in their Subaru though there were some club members who risked getting their ‘babies’ wet. My pick of the day was the Lotus; you’ve gotta love the rumble of that little baby pulling in the drive but the turquoise jag was a show piece.
Sunset on the Island
In the end I was glad to be riding on four wheels. Though the rain never really materialized the day lasted well past sunset with a moonlit ferry ride home and a starless drive up Battersea Road. Riding after dark – that’s a risk I’d prefer avoid!
Wolfe Island Ferry at night

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