Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

And I Didn't See A Single Motorcycle...

I woke up this morning to window panes pebbled with a thick coating of ice. Mother Nature struck an unkindly blow of winter overnight hitting us with freezing rain that lacquered the landscape with a crystal coating, turning nature into art and the pavement into a drivers nightmare.
The roads were lined with trees that reminded me of "old gals," their branches, like shoulders, were drooping from carrying the weight of too much bling. The streets were slick and driving was like walking in tap shoes across an ice rink ... but this was just a hiccup, 'cause we all remember the ice storm of 1998. And I didn't see a single motorcycle - does this mean the riding season is really, finally, actually - over?
                                                          Scenes from the neighborhood.


  1. Nice pictures! The storm seems to have mostly missed us here. We got 2" of snow and that's it. Still not riding season yet though.:(

  2. Beautiful ice pictures, especially the last two. If it's just ice, it must be right around freezing. We had rain in December followed by -40F so that ice is still hanging around on the roads. Time to put the studded tires on the bike...

  3. Riding season is temporarily parked. Just think we are mid January and spring will be here soon! Beautiful pictures, it's pretty to look at the ice covered berries, but is terrible to drive in.

  4. Beautiful ice pictures.

    Maybe you need a Ural with a sidecar to ride on the snow and ice.

  5. Canajun - we finally got some snow down here and now they say rain tomorrow. I know some snowmobilers who will be upset (it's back to 'snirt' riding for them).

    Richard - Can't imagine minus 40, minus 25 had me pulling the covers up over my head - time to stay indoors!

    Dar I've just been dying to photograph those berries and with their jewels of ice I thought it was the perfect time. Keep thinking spring!

    Trobairitz ... Nah, I am just too darn old to get that darn cold! I'm riding in my cage with heated seats and I'm happy (for now).