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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Joe Rocket Alter Ego 11.0 Jacket

Thanks Eilish for the suggestion to post a pic of the new jacket. (The photo isn't mine, it's from the Rocket sight but this is what it looks like). It's called a three in one, but actually has four layers; the outer hi-vis shell, the hi-vis mesh jacket, an inside rain shell plus the quilted liner.

The zipper configuration has completely changed from my current Rocket 3 in 1 jacket and the quilted layer is a new and welcome addition for riding in cooler temps. The jacket is a bit longer than my current 3 in 1 jacket but retains adjustable waist and arms and zipper to attach to my riding pants. There are zips on the cuffs and sides to open for comfort and convenience and a zipper vent in the back outside shell. I'm hoping that when I open the side zippers it will prevent the jacket from riding up when seated. I especially love that the mesh also has bright lime colour sections and that the zippers (for the various layers) are all color coordinated for the configurationlly challenged. (So what I really love is that it's a lot cleaner and bug free than my old jacket - for now)

I was talking with Ken tonight (he bought the same jacket at the show) and he mentioned he was disappointed there was no reflective aspect to the jacket. Ken, if you turn out all the lights ... the piping, between the lime and black (on the back) seems to be reflective, it's not a lot, but it's some. Perhaps the designers have decided if a rider has the sense to purchase a highly visible colour, they have the sense not to ride at night.


  1. Great looking jacket.

    Wish my Rev'it Siren came in a high vis color.

  2. I wish you luck with this jacket, I had the 10.0 version in pink & black loved it in the summer, but it did NOT perform in the winter at all. It was not waterproof, I ended up getting soaked, my cellphone & camera were almost ruined. I had to resort to carrying everything in a ziplock bag. It leaked everytime it rained, which is all winter here. I had the coat for 9 months and was disappointed beyond belief. I finally ended up taking it back to the dealer & they called Joe Rocket and they agreed to refund my money. I also had the ballistic pants and they failed as well and they went back.

    I ended up purchasing TourMaster gear & it has been perfect. Sorry to be negative, but it was a bad experience.

  3. Trobairitz thanks, the Rev'it Siren is a great looking jacket, it is too bad it doesn't come in a "look out here I come" colour.
    and ...
    Dar, I know what you mean. Don't you just hate it when things (expensive things) don't live up to your expectations. I've got a Teknic jacket for cooler weather, as well as my old Rocket but I just got tired of riding in the "dark". Keep your fingers crossed that the 11.0 will hit the mark. I love the lime green.

  4. What I have found is that when companies say its waterproof unless its Goretex don't count your chickens in this regard. Its terrible because you are generally putting out a significant chunk of change when buying gear so you expect it to perform. I wish you untold luck with your new jacket.

    I love my TourMaster gear, but it is black. When I purchased it they didn't have it in stock in the hi-vis and I needed a dry jacket & pants. This past Saturday I purchased a hi-viz yellow traffic vest and it is the lovely yellow-lime color.. I am even thinking of moving to a hi-viz helmet as well. I looking for a summer weight jacket and I am going to buy it in hi-viz then I am not adding any layers. Anything that helps me be seen. One good thing that I am happy about is that the JR company stood behind their product and refunded my money. Their warranty and those of most gear companies is that you have to send it back to them for them to look at & decide what they are going to do, which when you ride every day and depend on your gear is not an option unless you have spares. Good luck!!

  5. Thanks Darlene and VStarLady a lot of good info here especially for new riders.

    1. Eilish - there are so many manufacturers to choose from these days, sometimes it comes down to what fits. Just remember safety first!