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Monday, July 30, 2012

Here I Am In Quad Cities ...

Sunset at the KOA
I said good bye to the Albert Lee KOA this morning and headed out in light fog. It burned off quickly and it was like I owned the highway. I was all by myself for miles; Iowa seems to wake up late.  The kilometers flew by once again then I found out what the other ‘C’ Iowa is famous for besides Corn, it is construction.  I had to head west for a bit to get east.  I was surprised at the size of Waterloo and Iowa City. They both looked like places one might want to visit.
Bridge over the Mississippi (Davenport)
So, here I am in Quad Cities. Technically I’m in Iowa (Davenport) but I could probably spit on Illinois, or at least could have when I was standing on the bank of the Mississippi this afternoon. This is an unusual area where five cities (Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline and East Moline) seem like one, straddling the Mississippi and two states.

Pelican on the Mississippi
I was hot by the Mississippi. I’m sure I’ve been this hot before, I just can’t remember when. The temperature hit 92 but the humidex was high making it feel like 100+. I wasn’t dressed for the occasion and called it a day after snapping a few photos. I headed back to the air conditioned hotel for a swim.
More scenes from Davenport


  1. Awesome photos! I'm so jealous that you're still riding while I'm working. Keep up the envious posts.

  2. Only a few more days, eh? All the bridges seem cool but a heat index of 100+ sounds miserable. Do the pools help at those temperatures?

  3. Motorcycling is not an easy thing paricularly when dealing with Mother Nature and her weather mood. Cold one minute, sweltering the next. Great pictures, love the pelican pic. Ride safe!

  4. Great pictures - that sunset is a stunner.

    Who knew they had pelicans on the Mississippi river? I didn't.