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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm Back In My Zone

Looking back at Iowa across the Mississippi from Illinois

I’m back in my zone, my time zone that is. I crossed into Indiana and Daylight Savings time around 12:30 or 1:30 depending on where you're coming from. The route I was heading to was under a severe storm warning early this morning but luckily it passed through long before I arrived leaving nothing but a few puddles and steamy heat.  There was a bit of cloud burst 50 km out of Kokomo, I could smell the wet pavement before I felt the rain. It was just enough to make me pull over at the first spot to weather proof the camera and phone. Of course if I had come the way Dan wanted me to I would have missed the rain, but I wanted to take the scenic route. My way included a little bit of a “bridge out” detour and a sad animal verses motorcycle story:
Saunemin Hare”ld” read: Rabbit narrowly misses death by car only to be struck and killed by motorcycle
Early this afternoon Mr. Bunny of Saunemin Illinois was killed in a roadside accident. Bunny had been attempting to cross the road when he saw an approaching car and hurried back to the safety of a roadside grassy patch only to turn and race back onto the road in front of an oncoming motorcycle. The motorcyclist saw him but was unable to avoid hitting the hare. Eye witnesses say Mr. Bunny’s last words were,” I didn’t see it”. Perhaps high vis paint needs to be added to the lower extremities of the motorcycle to enhance visibility for rabbits. Motorcycle and motorcyclist were unharmed in the incident. It is reported that the motorcyclist felt very sorry for the bunny and his family.
 A town with a sense of humour
I came back to Kokomo just to get another sandwich from McAlister's Deli - delicious
I hear the bakery across the street is even more fabulous (next time) 

P.S. - 9,207.3 km travelled to date.


  1. As much as I feel for the Bunny's family... I couldn't stop laughing at the story (sorry... giggle... really... snort...)

    Glad that the rider was unharmed though...

    Now you lost all that time you sampled when traveling west. Sad.

  2. Time given and then taken away - sob, of course I'm still mourning poor Mr. Bunny (thump, thump) too - it's been a day of tears.

  3. Hi!
    I wonder when you'll be home? We're heading for Nfld on Monday and expect to be gone for 2 weeks. Should plan a Kingston trip before Monday, but we were just there last week, and the week before,... UGH!
    Stay safe!
    And bunnies beware!! Karen's coming!!
    LOL Leslie

    1. Be home on Friday - you're going to Newfoundland - how fun. Are you taking the circus tent and portable kitchen with you? We will have to make a play date when you get back.

  4. Karen:

    You've come such a long way to meet "lil 'ol us". I have these guilty feelings that we are all home in our own beds, and you are still heading East and still won't be home until Friday for Creek Night.

    ride safe at least you are close, being in the same time zone

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. But Bob, it's all about the ride. As much as I miss home at the same time I will be very sad that it is over ... that's why I decided to take two days to do the last 725 km ... just trying to stretch it out another day.