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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Indiana Sunrise

Heading due East

I gave Dan his head today, I knew he'd find the freeways, but just before he did I stopped to enjoy the Indiana sunrise. After that, only a few stops for gas and to add and remove clothes (no pictures). The Star and I rode the Lincoln highway for a bit heading east, it brought back memories of our first ride together in 2010. Then we turned north - toward Canada (well Pennsylvania first, then NY and then Canada). I could have gone further (492.4 km), arriving at today's stop long before I expected. Traffic was moving quickly and construction was minimal today, no delays. (Now I remember why I like Montana ... it seemed to be one continuous city from Kokomo to Cleveland.)
More sunrise
Heading home.
through the morning mist ...


  1. Beautiful misty picture! Isn't it about time to turn south for Key West?

  2. Richard, it's definitely time to head for home, when I can't remember which state I was in when I woke up ... (Indiana still, not Ohio)then again, at this rate I may very well be headed south. Check back in two days to see if I actually made it home.

  3. You are quite the early bird. I guess that's what happens when the home beacon is set.
    Love the picture in the mist.

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    2. I'm glad I didn't miss the sun coming up - but then, I got to the next stop way too soon (with absolutely nothing to see there). Home soon!

    3. I'm enjoying this Karen, what a fantastic trip. I could tell you how envious I am but you already know that. Of course I'm following you backwards, but that's OK.

      Over the next few evenings I'll get to the 'front'.

    4. Coop thanks so much for going back ... and now I've come back and am enjoying the memories.(My appologies for being so verbose and leaving so many posts behind to read.) You should join in the fun on the trek of 2013 ... I think someone may be stopping by to convince Erik to head east.