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Monday, July 16, 2012

Salt Lake City - Where Religion Meets Capitalism

It was only 2 miles from my campsite to the Temple Square but I decided to take the (free) shuttle and save my legs for sight seeing. Of course, I'd been up since 5 as I have a darling son who texted me to check on how I was doing and forgot there is a two hour time difference between home and the Rockies. (No problem, I think I was nearly awake anyway.) Even with my early wake up call I wasn't ready to go til near noon. Too many folks stopped to chat (That's what I love about travelling this way) .

Downtown Salt Lake wasn't quite what I expected. For some reason I expected a sort of Mormon religious mecca. There was that part of it but it is surrounded by a commercial mecca of major proportion (and beauty, if there is beauty to a seamlessly endless indoor, outdoor shopping mall). The square has become a mix of opulent religious buildings and glamorous commercial retail operations.

I decided to walk home even after observing, from the 26th floor of the Church Office Building, a storm sweep over Great Salt Lake. I was sure the weather fairies were with me and it would pass by. I was right until about 8 blocks from the campsite. The rain stopped for a bit and I had a long enough respite to go for a lovely swim in the campground pool but now I'm snuggled in my dry as a bug in a MEC tent listening to the patter of raindrops on my nylon roof. I hope it stops soon, I'm heading north in the morning and I hate the thought of packing wet again.
Me at one of the many water fall/fountains in the shopping mall

Stream running through the indoor/outdoor shopping mall

Ominous sky on the walk home - Temple Street West

Lunch at Kneadable - And this was only half a turkey sandwich


  1. I like your title, it seems very appropriate.

    It seems to me with as much money as churches seem to make and the opulence of their houses of worship I have a hard time with them not paying any property taxes. In my mind they aren't non-profits with that kind of cashola.

    But they are pretty does that count?

    1. Trobairitz - The gardens, the waterfalls, the gold, the crystal chandeliers were beautiful but I have to agree the money might be better spend on relieving the hunger in children's tummies across the country.

  2. Karen:

    although I live in the heart of the City, I am not a shopper and I prefer not to go downtown. Hope you didn't get too soaked, but then you got soaked in the pool anyway

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Bob, it was Zen like shopping (perhaps it was the connection to the church) but it was like being in a park only it was surrounded by very well designed shops.

  3. Hiya,
    Good to hear that the Mormons did not convert you while you were there! Your sandwich looks yummy; I hope you ate it all (knowing you, you didn't). The cookie looks great too!

    1. Not converted (much to the dsappointmentt of our "sister" guides.) The sandwhich was just about the best I've ever had (on par with the Creek) real turkey and some sort of special mayo with cheese and red onion and lettuce and tomato. The cookie was a freebie, they forgot my order - was worth waiting for.

  4. The subject continues to be....yes, jackets. If you use the liner under the mesh jacket and it's not raining I'm assuming you tend to "glow" (the exact medical term is "perspire"). I was thinking about using the liner under the mesh as an in-between for when it's too cool for the mesh alone but not cool enough for the outer layer?



    1. Ken, I might suggest you use the outer layer when it 's just a bit too cool for the mesh alone, the double layer rain layer becomes something akin to a sauna wrap and is a great layer to add when it's kind of chilly. Glad it didn't rain today (at 97+F) cause I would have just said, "let's get wet!"