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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Idaho, So Where Are The Potatoes?

Day 11 - 4,496.1 km travelled.  (For those of you who had privy to my itinerary, I've skipped a stop, just fast forward to day 12).

Welcome to Idaho - blinding dust storms and wild fires ... so where are the potatoes? Idaho's license plate says it's famous for potatoes, obviously they keep the potatoes somewhere else. For the first 100 km into the state I was riding on high alert with road signs warning of blinding dust storms, high winds, wild life migratory paths and wild fires but not one sign of potatoes. The landscape turned from ranch land to desert and the desert turned to a burned, scarred countryside from the sweeping wildfires of 4 days ago. The fires have been put out, but the landscape is charred and hot looking. I've passed through Bliss and Paradise Valley. I can't help but think these names were meant as a cruel joke. Perhaps folks just thought they'd feel better living in no man's land if they gave it a Utopian name.

84 follows a wide valley, a 'high' desert valley, north from Salt Lake City. The weather was perfect (no wind, no wild life, no wild fires) so I decided to ride it a bit longer than I had originally planned, and here I am in Boise. After checking the map I realized I will not only be in Baker city a day early, but, if I really want to, I could be there by breakfast - NOT.

It seems that my front tire isn't the only thing that has a slight air leak. Over the past couple of days I've noticed my sleeping pad is not holding air like it used to and this morning (feeling like I was 100 years old after sleeping on the ground) I decided if I made it to Boise, I'd be in a Motel 6. Since this afternoon's temperature  reached  over 97 (by the way, the heat has returned) I think it has been a good choice, ah...air conditioning. I will probably linger here a bit in the morning, maybe I'll find a new air mat to sleep on before I leave Boise.

(Just as an aside, I've been watching CNN - Here I am travelling through cowboy country and where's the naked cowboy ... running around Times Square in NYC. Go figure. Next Stop Baker City.)


  1. I am sure you could find a naked cowboy if you really looked. Heck you might just have to ask is all, lol. OR........ just ask Bobskoot to bring his cowboy hat to the party.

    I am glad you didn't have to ride in any dust storms or smoke from wildfires. It looks as though you have had beautiful sunny weather. Well maybe 97˚ isn't quite so beautiful.

    Won't be long now and we'll all be converging......

    1. 97 doesn't feel so hot in Baker City (well at least not here sitting in the shade of a big ol' tree ... no wildfires along the way but I understand the haze over the mountains is from the mammoth wildfires burning in Russia. I also heard this may create some spectacular sunsets here. So if Bobskoot is going to be the naked cowboy of Baker City he also needs to bring a guitar (that's the way they do it in NYC anyway!) See you soon.

  2. Karen:

    It's nice to be ahead and have time to relax, rather than behind and having to chase the clock. Now you have time to buy that new air mattress, do you mean the one you have to blow up ? or self inflating type.

    Also check out your tire, must be a motorcycle shop somewhere nearby.

    did someone mention Party ? Won't be long now before all your company arrives. We'll find a naked cowboy for you somewhere if that is your wish.

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    1. Bob, I've had so much time today I managed to eat two breakfasts, buy a new air mattress, have the tube replaced in the front tire plus had an oil change, air filter change and the drive shaft lubricated (Snake River Yamaha, great service)- and I still made it here by lunch (almost). I hear you might consider being the naked cowboy for Baker City (don't forget to pack your guitar along with your cowboy hat). See you all soon!

  3. Speaking of forest fires, we had one of our own here, and it was in one of the forests where one of our birdhouses is. It took the fire department 2 days to put out, but they're still keeping an eye on it. Gaetan saw them dropping water from helicopters. We badly need rain here. We'd like to go and see if our birdhouse is okay. We think it's safe because the winds blew the fire (and smoke) northwest which is away from our birdhouse. Apparently downtown was covered in smoke (and we didn't get any, even though we're only 3 or 4 kms away from the fire).
    Stay safe!
    LOL Leslie

  4. If your bird house had been in Boise, it would probably be gone - the wild fires have taken the surrounding area to the ground.