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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Since I Had Lots Of Time, I Took My Time, With Time To ...

4,730.8 km travelled to date
Obviously I had nothing but time on my hands today being a day ahead of schedule so I used the time to 'getter done'. I found a sporting goods store and left with a new sleeping mat (which takes a bit more 'blow' power to blow up than my self inflater, but then I've got an extra inch between me and the ground). I found Snake River Yamaha and had the Star serviced (a bit ahead of schedule, but then, so am I - sometimes you gotta get, when the gettin's good) and a new tube put in the front tire (as the slow air leak slowly started up again) and I still made it to Baker City by just after noon (of course crossing another time zone helped immensely).
Ready to leave Snake River Yamaha

84 following the Snake river
I checked into my campsite (no problem being one day early) and did a little tour of the historic downtown, mostly to find a grocery store. Tomorrow I'll go back for a walk about as well as head to the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Centre, a must see according to the campground attendant.
The campground is grassy and quaint. My tent is pitched in the shade of several large trees and the breeze never seems to quit. The city felt hot, but under the tree it's, well it's like Paradise, in the desert (go figure!).

I've always claimed, a spot that looks after their flowers will
look after you and be a good spot to stay, this place has lots of flowers.
An ingenious little bird has figured out how to get a drip to drink
on a hot day in Baker City
A hawk had a battle with a crow and needed to
rest atop the pole, til he heard his friend call from down the street

Scenes from this end of town ... the sky looks ominous
 to the west ... and then
Sunset at the Mountain View

And Dar (Princess Skooterpie) - Just for the challenge - I'm a bit far from home to post a photo of my favorite shoe along with a riding boot, so how about my crocs and riding boots, carefully balanced atop the VStar (yikes, toes need a paint job and boots need a polish!).
If you can't be with the one you love,
love the one you're with.


  1. Karen:

    what nice photos ! looks very colourful and peaceful there. Your nails are shaded a bit purple.

    that was a nice sunset

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  2. Great pictures Karen. yes, even the one of your toes and Dusty boots.

    I've never been to Baker City so it was nice to see some pictures.

    We pack up tonight and will head up early in the morning hoping to be in town by mid-afternoon. We'll see.

    1. I'll be waiting - ride safe. I am a tourist today.

  3. Those Baker City photos are beautiful and just what I needed on this snowy morning. I've never been there but now I only partly need to go :)

  4. Coop - your stop by has given me a chance to revist the summer sundown again ... it is wonderful in the midst of 'almost' winter. Thanks.