Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Oregon Tourist

Day 13

Baker City may be an historic town but it seems to be a dying town. Many businesses in the downtown core seem to be closing or have already closed and at the same time it keeps going. This weekend the town is preparing to host a rodeo.
Get a loan and a cat from the same place...or was it bring your cat to work day?

I rode out to the Oregon Trail Interpretive centre, situated at the beginning of the Hell's Canyon trail, on top of a fairly steep hill. The view from the top would have been spectacular had it not been for the cloud cover and haze. Their displays were life life and very interesting.

 I arrived back at my tent to find two little visitors in the midst of a robbery. They found my fruit stash and only my arrival kept them from stealing all of the bread I had as well. I'm now sitting, in yet another campground, involved in a woman verses squirrel showdown. So far squirrels one, woman nothing. Woman wants to give up and go for a swim, it has gotten hot.
Squirrel lounging on next picnic table just waiting for me to turn my back.


  1. I think tomorrow is supposed to be cooler then Sat/Sunday warm again. Or at least that is what is forecast.

    I like that the kitty looks so comfy in that picture. Maybe you needed to borrow it to give the squirrel something to do rather than thief your goods.

  2. What's Sedgewick doing in that store window, and how the heck did he get there?
    LOL, Guess Who?