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Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 20 - The Gangs All Here (Baker City Oregon)

Bob and Richard both arrived yesterday. Richard was set in his motel in Baker City and Bob decided to remove the tags from his new tent and actually try camping, setting up neighbor to mine at the RV Park.
Bob setting up camp
Erik was first to arrive today and after lunch we had hours of chatter time sitting in the shade waiting for the rest of the gang. Sonja and Rolland made by late afternoon having run into high winds and thunderstorms crossing through the mountains and finally, in time for dinner, Brandy and Brad rolled into town having left in rain and cold this morning.

Sonja had a terrific surprise for us all at dinner, and presented us with an official iMBC badge, which, if I survive Hell's Canyon I shall proudly fasten to some part or another of my riding apparel to remember meeting such a great group of Moto-bloggers. Thanks Sonja.

(I can't believe I missed the dinner photo op with the whole gang ... there's always tomorrow at breakfast, I'm sure there will be lots of shutters clicking.)
It has gotten cold tonight and the fog is coming in over the mountains. Glad I packed the UnderArmor.
Bob arrived (Vancouver BC)

Richard (Fairbanks Alaska)

(Bob) and Erik - Minnesota


  1. That's a dangerous sounding crew assembled there. Do the authorities know?

  2. Great to see faces Karen - really, really wish I could be there. Please give the gang my best wishes.

    1. Will do Geoff. Wish I could have met you as well, perhaps another time.

  3. Glad, you enjoyed the little token. You passed the challenge, so proudly wear your badge of honour ;-)