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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Slowest Canadian ...

That's me - the slowest Canadian. I am this groups worst nightmare, the queen of second gear, but I did it  (with a great deal of patience and encouragement from the mountain folk). I rode the tail of the Devil and am living to talk about it. This is me, photo compliments of Sonja, atop the Hell's Canyon Dam.

The canyon road itself was the easiest part of the day, it was getting out of "Hell" that was hell for this flatland, valley gal. Tight turns with sheer drop offs of thousands of feet, no guard rails, gazing at the tops of trees as I rode by rather than the roots ... it has just confirmed for me, if you can't drive a semi on it, then I don't want to be on it with a fully loaded little VStar Cruiser. Next time I think I'll walk, and Bob, if you really want to know what a meadow looks like come on over to Ontario and ride the St. Lawrence River Valley - now that's a meadow.

The ride begins, after breakfast that is


 First Break, at Halfway (who are they kidding, it was
nowhere close to being halfway!)
Snake River, Hell's Canyon
Looking back ...

Someone please explain to Bob what a meadow is...
And here's the pot of gold at the end of the day
(That's Tucker curled up, asleep at the office door)

Tonight's campsite - rustic and quaint. It's the funkiest little campsite with the greatest hosts. Tonight, in Hell's Canyon country, I'm camped at the Log House RV Park.  (66258 Lewiston Hwy, Enterprise, Oregon). The friendliest, most congenial hosts you could ever meet. The campground is full, but there is always room for one more. They even have clean towels for motorcyclists, and Brian has a shop if you need to do a bit of repairs or pump a tire. If you're gonna ride the tail of the Devil you have to end the day at the Log House.

Right now the coyotes are howling from the hills, the stars are sparkling, I'm snuggled in my little paprika tent with memories of the great new friends fresh in my mind... could life get any better.


  1. You did very well and I commend you for not only doing the Devil's Tail but the conquering the twisties and hills too. Great job and good for you!

    1. Now I can wear my iMBC badge ... thanks to you and Bob for staying behind with me on that mountain!

  2. I know what you mean as this twisty roads was a new experience for me. I found that I tended to "hug" the centerline more than I should on some of the corners. Plus there were some off-camber corners and pot holes to add to the excitement.

    I don't think anyone was in any kind of a hurry to get anywhere so don't feel like you slowed anyone down. I don't remember seeing any "meadows" the entire day. Maybe some pastures at the bottom of some narrow valleys...

    1. Richard, it's been wonderful to meet you and the whole gang. (Incredibly patient and supportive people/riders/bloggers...all of you).

  3. Karen:

    Isn't a meadow the same as a pasture ? I did see some cows on the way back.

    For someone from Flatistan Canada, you did an admirable job and you should be proud. One more item to check off your bucket list.

    I only made it half way to the Dam and ended up walking in the River and sitting under a tree.

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  4. Sounds like another "must ride" road. I seem to be collecting a large number of those - all on the other side of the continent unfortunately.

    1. Canajan - I think we need to convince them that the flatlands have great roads too ....

  5. Good for you! I don't think I would have been ready to ride the hell tail. I think if I had been there I would have been riding with you too and would have been slow. Slow is good & keeps you safe.glad you tamed the tail.

    1. Dar, the Hell tail was the easy part, it's the mountain logging roads that are the killers. I don't think I'll ever be ready for them - I love slow when the alternative could be straight down 3,000 feet! Signed, the slowest Canadian.

  6. You weren't slow, you were riding as possibly safe as you could be and you got through the canyon and back, and on top of the mountain, and back down again. I find that's a great accomplishment.

    We should find out what the roads in Ontario are like. Maybe one day...

    Come on, it was fun wasn't it? Especially the ride through 'pasture land'.

  7. You did a great job Karen.

    I say kudos to you for seeing it through. It was a tough road, but you did it. Be proud.

    Just remember - the next time someone tells you "that was the worst of it, it's all pasture land from here" you'll know to expect another 30-40 miles of twisty mountain roads with sheer drop offs and no guard rails.

  8. Sadly I wasn't there, but from all reports, you did really well on some 'rougher roads'. Good for you and the experience has made you a better rider!

  9. Well, Coop - not sure I'm a better rider, just one who knows I'm not a mountain rider more than ever before. But I made it through (with help from my friends!)