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Thursday, August 2, 2012

548.9 km Closer To Home

Lake Erie through the trees

How do you know you're close to home? If you're Canadian it's when you find a Tims ... and when you run into somebody who knows a member of your family at a gas station. (Mike - Buddy says hello!)

Ohio, Pennsylvania, lots of traffic and now, almost home, I've found a jewel in New York state. Oswego New York. Oswego is a small port city on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. I thought coming around the lakes I would miss the hills, but not so. Oswego is a miniature San Fransisco with houses built on the sides of sloping hills, just not quite as extreme. It has a large harbor, light house, several kilometers of riverside pedestrian walkways as well as a canal with lift locks and the bonus today, at Canal Commons, I found an outdoor market with food vendors, vintners, artisans and farmers all selling their wares. When I first arrived I was sorry I'd prebooked this stop so close to home but after a 3 k walk-about town I'm glad I did.

My Trip To Oswego N.Y. (via Oregon)
 The Lighthouse
 Boats in the harbor
 Coast Guard
 River side
Canal and river, side by side
 Riverside pedestrian walkway
 Bridge spanning the river and canal
Canal Commons Market


  1. Nice pictures. If you're in New York, you must be almost home! I don't know how you can be gone so long. I like to ride on vacation, but I don't like to be gone from home for too long at any one time.

    1. I am very close - so close I really could have made it today, but then it would be over ... it's all about the ride, and avoiding reality.

  2. It is hard to see a trip end. And it looks like you found a great place to stop and explore though it looks too crowded for me...

  3. Wow, it must have been weird to be back near the Great Lakes. Somehow I think you will be sad to see the trip end but will be glad to be back in your own bed.

    Nice score on finding the market in Oswego. It sounds like a neat town to visit.

  4. Karen:

    I just looked at my map. You may be able to see Kingston over the water on the other side. You are so close to home. We were in Gananoque many years ago. All I remember is that it was HOT and I had to turn on the A/C in our rental car, on our way to Quebec City. We paid to go up the Skylon. You have lots of Urban photos but no Pastures.

    I will be looking for pastures and meadows this weekend. I think I know where a meadow is but it is half way up a mountain with wild flowers.

    enjoy your Creek side this evening.

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  5. Will you be home today? We're closer to leaving for Nfld (Monday). We have booked the ferry from North Sydney to Nfld (Thursday morning) so we need to reach North Sydney by Wed night. I'll be happy to be off on our adventure!
    LOL Leslie

  6. Enjoy the rock - can't wait to hear all about it. The one province I have never been to. I am home today!

  7. Lovely pictures. I'm still trying to catch up to the blogs, too many good blogs and being away for 34 days didn't help. I wish I had the time to go and meet you guys, maybe next year.
    Do me a favor and post bigger pictures, I love blogs with big pictures :-)

    1. I hear you - so many great blogs to read, I could make it my full time job (if I didn't have to work to support my riding habit.) I'll work on the pictures ;o)