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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Cataraqui Trail ...

Perth Road Village ... west 5k and back.
Beaver's work ...
 Beaver's work, assisted by wind (same tree an hour between photos)
A wayside bench ...
Nature's work ...
A Ten-ish K walk on the Cataraqui Trail; Perth Road Village west and back - beautiful.


  1. It was a beautiful day to be out of doors. Unfortunately winter firewood cutting took priority today.

    1. Lucky for me No.1 son has been busy taking care of fire wood and today also, furnace maintainance. I got to play... and come home to a house with heat!

  2. Would have been fun to see the beavers at work. That looks like a great trail.

  3. This is a fantastic series of trails - My goal, one day - Smith Falls to Napanee (102.2 km). I've completed sections of it but would love to do the entire run, that would be something to do, some summer, after a great motorcycle tour of course. (BeemerGirl, I'm heading to the Atlantic in 2013 would like to look you up!)

  4. Karen:

    that beaver must have been hungry ! I don't see any water around, they need that tree for their Dam.

    are you sure you didn't "HELP" it a bit . . . ?

    I am not sure my foot could handle 10K. could you carry me back if I needed help. Or would you come back next year after the snow has melted

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My YouTube

  5. Bob the water is down the hill (just barely visible through the grass). It wasn't me that helped the beaver but I can't swear somebody else didn't in the hour that it was out of my sight. Something tells me I couldn't carry you Bob I might have to leave you behind - I'm sure I'd figure something out!

  6. I was wondering why the beaver didn't take the tree all the way down, but I guess he figured the wind would do it for him later.

    What a pretty area to sit at the bench and just watch the water.

    1. Trobairitz that bench would have been the perfect spot for a picnic if I'd only thought to take food. I was starving. As for the beaver, I guess he was taking the day off.