Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

“Tour de Garages” - Post 10: The Kawasaki and The Greeves

 I knew the ‘frog’ green of the Kawasaki was a dead giveaway...and Coop posted the winning guess with lightening speed: The little red number is a Greeves.
The Kawasaki is a 90’s something KE100 (rescued from a rider training program.) It was a bike that could withstand the grueling experience of newbie riders in training and still survive. When it outlived its usefulness in the program it ended up being adopted by Ken. (It’s a tough little bike; if you listen closely you’ll probably hear one ripping up the fields near your house.)

The little red number is much less familiar (to some of us) as only a handful of them made it to Canada. Also a trials bike, this original 1967 Greeves Anglain was produced in the UK. The original Greeves Company made the frame for the bike but used suspension parts and engines from other manufacturers. Greeves was most famous for off road models but also produced a 250 and a 350 road racer. The fun thing is … a replica of this little off roader is now being produced by Greeves; not the original Greeves owned by Bert Greeves -those doors closed in the 70’s. The new Greeves owned by Richard Deal claims, along with the new Anglain, to have a large collection of bikes – “some run, some don’t.” (You've either gotta wonder at or admire a claim like that!)
And then there is also the ... Ken figures there just isn't any part of this bike I could show without it being a quick giveaway. Another classic.