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Thursday, February 21, 2013

“Tour de Garages” - Post 11: And Then There Is The Bonnie

Bobskoot, I thought you'd recognize this one ... Oddly enough, the Triumph follows the Greeves ... and like the new Greeves, the current Triumph has no connection to the original company, other than it's name.


I know that many of my moto blogging friends would think a collection incomplete without a bonafide Bonnie…so, here is Ken’s 1969 650 Triumph Bonneville.

The Bonneville is the collection’s Sleeping Beauty – or, more like it, Rip Van Winkle. Unbelievably, Ken bought this bike in pristine condition after it spent 32 years (from 1978 to 2010) as lobby décor in a Toronto area office building. I guess the new interior decorator just wasn’t a fan of motorcycles – really, there’s no accounting for taste.

The bike had been completely restored before becoming lobby adornment and when it arrived in Ken’s garage needed a bit of maintenance and a tune up before it was cranked to life once again. It’s the kind of story that just brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?
And this is another what?


  1. Karen,
    Grateful thanks for the pics - lovely to see a "true" Bonneville! In the spirit of the quiz, (not to mention being completely pedantic, hehe)was the 1960 designation a typo? Don't think the Bonnie went unit construction until '63 and the tank badge looks a lot later.

    Yeah, I know..... I'm a real sad case :-(

    1. Geoff - that was indeed a typo (missed by a single key and it has been corrected (with thanks.) The Bonneville is actually a 1969 (got the right key that time.)

  2. The breather tube yesterday was a giveaway just not enough of one for me to know model and year. Today we are talking Triumph Trident.

  3. Ken has quite the collection.

    Imagine not wanting a Bonnie in your lobby - sheesh.

    And to answer your question 'and this is another what?" I shall say - motorcycle!

    Did I win? Ha, too much coffee this morning.

  4. Trobairitz - I know, what kind of decorator takes out the Triumph eh? And this one would have been yours if Coop hadn't scooped in with the kind of motorcycle.