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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 The Eastside Story Day 19: Oh Canada, Through Fog and All

It stopped raining and all things wet and soggy were packed for roads north by north east. 

A stop along the way found a delightful general store/bakery/café and the local red hat society meeting for breakfast. They all had a wave and hello for my Mom an avid “red-hatter” at 96. 

Then past the town of Machais and Bad Little Falls ... to Eastport Maine (the eastern most city in the US) and the turnaround point. 

From there it was on to Calais ME and across the border ... back to Canada where the friendly border crossing agent welcomed me home and the fog followed. I can't ever remember coming this route without hitting a wall of cold Fundy fog. 

I met a friend on a walk to the local diner along the bay. He was happy to pose for a photo.

By the way, somebody changed the highway and forgot to mention it to Garmin Dan during his updates - it really messed with his head.. 


  1. Maybe it's time to give Dan a rest and rely on signs again. After there is little risk of mountain passes (with no guardrails). Just scenic ocean views. How far north and east are you planning on going?

  2. Really well composed photos Karen. You guys rock, keep the posts coming.

  3. Looks like Dan needs a break from traveling, eh?

    Lovely pics, and I don't mind the fog at all. It adds to the atmosphere of the scenery.

  4. That fog is making me cold. We've been in the low 90's for weeks.

    Great photographs. I agree with David, very nicely composed. I like that you met a kitty friend on your walk too.

    Fingers crossed for a drier day today (I am starting to sound like a broken record)

  5. What fun you guys are having!