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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 The Eastside Story – Day 4: Lost at Logan

Once again I packed my little Star and readied to leave under cloudy skies. I headed south staying on highways 1and 1A to catch as much coast as I could. This morning’s temperature of 67 was a startling change from yesterday afternoon’s high 80s. I was tired of fighting with Dan, trying to convince him he could combine freeway travel with secondary roads so I finally pushed his button: Avoid Freeways. I debated circling way west of Boston (my original plan) then changed my mind, after all Dan had proved most of the morning he could find pleasant ways to get where I wanted to go ... and things were working out well ... until I missed the turn for 1A and ended up a short distance on I90 and straight into Logan Air Port.

After the first loop I was pretty sure I would be spending the rest of my life at Logan, just me and Dan circling the terminals. Of course in reality I would have run out of gas long before I ran out of life, well that is, until I ran out of gas which probably would have shortened my life span considerably in the airport traffic. Lost at Logan, pretty much the highlight of the day … luckily I had a full tank and Dan stayed cool (like the temperature) calmly talking his and my way out of the endless loop. Wasn’t funny then but looking back at Dan’s data, the little blue line going round in circles at Logan makes me laugh now. (See my rendition of what Dan’s screen looked like.)
200 km today - most of them at Boston's Logan International Airport.
Only stopped for coffee, gas and grub today, once again forgoing pictures to out run the weather.

No take out food porn today - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from Market Basket super market under $10. 
I’ve arrived in Middleboro MA and it still hadn’t rained though the sky remained dull and grey. The sun didn’t make an appearance today. There was thunder rolling in the distance. I felt charmed today so I upgraded to a kamping kabin to keep the luck going just in case. (This beautiful old New England house is just behind my cabin)

You never know what you’ll see when you’re camping. On a little campground walk-about I spotted this ….
Just kidding, I spotted this too…
Well, I just had to say hello to owner Charlie (along with Cathy and grandson) from Louisiana. Charlie’s custom Harley with side car was once in a show being judged by Willie G. Davidson. Charlie proudly pointed out it won first place and was signed by Willie himself. The signature is inside the lid of the trunk along with photos of the day. Cool!
Question: How do you guarantee a storm will move off in the opposite direction? Answer: You spend the extra to upgrade to indoor accommodations of course. 7 O’clock, the clouds are parting and the sky is blue. I’m not complaining – I’m just saying.
PS – Very Happy Birthday wishes to both Ken and Bobskoot – each celebrating 60 ‘something’ today (twins almost!) Remember 60 is the new 40! On that note I saw a roadside sign this afternoon announcing that 1 (or 2 can’t remember) out of every 3 babies born this year will live to be 100.


  1. I take it that you didn't enjoy the Logan Airport tour? Yet another reason to avoid Boston and any other location that is too big to be called a "town".

    And nice that the clouds parted. A chance for the roads to dry off. After all, you don't want to mess with a wet tent...

  2. Air port tour - decidedly not fun, the rest of Boston, off the beaten path, not too bad. Wish I had stopped. As for NYC tomorrow, think I will scoot around it for sure.

  3. I've had the dubious pleasure of doing Logan Airport Conga - I feel your pain!

  4. And we survived. Right now feeling far more pain trying to book a campsite for tomorrow night with intermittent internet!!!!!

  5. Oh no. Your Logan Airport story reminds me of European Vacation and Chevy Chase's "Look kids Big Ben, Parliament" while he was stuck in the roundabout.

    You may have had market food but the sandwich and veggies look tasty.

    Hope you have a nice sunny ride today.

  6. Karen how long are you on the road for on this lovely trip? Your trip looks like it has been fun so far and lovely pics!

    1. Not exactly sure how long Dar ... I plan on meeting up with Bobskoot and Scoot Commute in State College in about a week from now then it will be off to the east coast, Canada this time (after a little Maine time that is.)

  7. Karen:

    I wished we could turn the clock back and relive 2013. You mean Ken's BD is July 9th too ?

    Riding the Wet Coast